Teacher Appreciation Apple Cupcakes

Show your teachers how much you appreciate them with these back-to-school cupcake ideas. These easy-to-make apple cupcakes for teachers are perfect for teacher appreciation week.

– Prepared Cupcakes with white frosting – Fudge Chocolate Brownie Mix plus ingredients listed on the box. Baked. – Red Chocolate Melts – Green Frosting


– Prepare and bake the brownies. Let cool. – Roll Some little balls out of the prepared brownie into apple topper sizes. – Roll out little oblong shapes from the prepared brownie – these will be your stems.

– Melt your red chocolate melts – Roll the round brownie shapes into the melted red chocolate. – While the red chocolate is still warm on the round brownie-shaped apples, place the brownie stems into the top of your round brownie shapes.

– Let the chocolate dry and harden. – Use green frosting to pipe the leaf onto the apple – Place apples in the center of the frosted cupcakes.

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