The Easiest DIY Lavender Wreath

This artificial lavender wreath is easy to make and perfect for decorating the porch in spring and summer. This DIY Spring wreath is simple and rustic.

– wire cutter – glue – Artificial Lavender Bunches – Grapevine Wreath – Floral wire – Burlap Ribbon – Twine


– Spread four bunches of lavender so that they are fanned out – Place four bunches of lavender going in opposite directions overlapping at the stems onto the grapevine wreath – Use the floral wire to secure those to the wreath

– Take one more bunch of lavender and cut the purple florets off of the stem – Tuck those into the middle of the other bunches to fill in the gap with more lavender – Use floral wire to secure the lavender to the wreath – Start making the burlap ribbon

– Cut three pieces and fold the edges toward the middle – Glue the two edges together – Place the three folded ribbon pieces across each other forming an X and then one piece across the X piece – Glue the ribbon to the lavender

– Cut more ribbon for the ribbon tail and tuck those into the ribbon so that they hang down – Glue them in place – Tie the twine into a loop to hang the wreath and position it at the top of the lavender.

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