Spider Race

A fun Halloween game!

This Spider Race is a fun Halloween activity to play at your Halloween and fall parties. Play this fun and easy game that everyone will enjoy. A way for some friendly competition.

– Liquid Coffee Cream Tops  – Black paint  – Paint Brush – Black Pipe Cleaners – Scissors – Black pom-pom for the head  – Wiggle Eyes per spider – A paper or plastic straw – twine  – strong black duct tape


– Cover your painting surface and paint the coffee cream tops black  – Open the lid and glue pipe cleaner pieces to each side – Close the lids and add the Pom-Pom heads with wiggle eyes – Cut a piece of the paper straw and glue it to the top of the lid

– Tie one end of each piece of yarn to something in the room or in the yard  – String the other side of the yarn through the straw on the spider – You can tie the other side of the string onto something taller, or just have the kids hold the other end of the string.

– Pull the spiders to the starting position – Let the spiders go – Don't push the spiders – First spider to the end of the string wins

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