Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin

These little toilet paper pumpkins are a sweet keepsake. Made with hand print leaves, this craft is one to cherish. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins are the perfect craft to make with the kids for fall.

– Roll of toilet paper – Quilter’s Batting – fabric – A cardboard tube  – Rope – Optional: Floral Wire for the curly vine and a wire cutter – Warm glue gun and glue sticks



– Wrap the toilet paper in your strip of batting – Glue to secure – Set your toilet paper roll wrapped in batting into the center of your fabric square – Trace hand prints onto the green fabric, and cut those out – Take your cardboard tube, and fold it a couple of times

– Wrap it in the rope, gluing to secure in several places – Glue the ends of the rope so that they won’t fray – Cut a piece of wire and twist it so it forms a curly piece of stem – Now, pull the fabric up around the toilet paper and stuff the corners and edges inside the tube – Add the ends of the hand prints into the tube, the curly wire, and finally the rope covered cardboard – Bend the rope stem for an extra cute look

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