Toilet Paper Snowman

This toilet paper snowman craft is easy and so much fun to make. This is a fun Christmas gift, a White Elephant gift, or an easy to make Snowman Craft.

– toilet paper rolls – cellophane roll – plunger – twist tie – vinyl adhesive sheet – set snowman face decals – winter cap or beanie


– Place your plunger on top of your work surface – Place toilet paper rolls over the plunger pole  – Cut the cellophane wrapper so that it fully wraps around the toilet paper rolls and can be taped to seal it. – Seal the wrapping paper with clear tape.

– Pull the top of the cellophane wrapper together and use a twist tie to secure it. – Using the black vinyl adhesive, cut out your snowman's boots.  – Using the same vinyl adhesive, cut the 3 buttons.

– Place the boots and buttons on your bottom rolls – leaving the top alone for the snowman's face – Use the adhesive snowman face sticker to create a face on the top toilet paper roll – Add your hat to the top and tape it

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