Tomato Cage Ghost

Tomato Cage Ghosts are such a great Halloween decoration to put on your front porch. Easy to make and so much fun! The perfect Halloween display to make your house spooky this fall season.

– Tomato cage – Sports ball or Styrofoam ball – Packaging tape – White LED lights  – An old white t-shirt  – White Fabric  – Black foam sheet – Glue – Scissors – Binder clips


– Set your tomato cage upside down so that the pointed parts are at the top – Push your ball down in between the 4 metal stakes

– Use the packaging tape to tape the ball and metal stakes – Use an old white shirt or a piece of white fabric large enough to cover the ball and place it over the ball to hide dark colors  – Start wrapping the lights from the bottom up. The plug end should be on the bottom

– Use tape to secure the lights in a few places – Take your big fabric and throw it over your tomato cage and ball so that it hangs down all the way to the ground – Cut out eyes, and if you want, a mouth and glue it to the ghost's head

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