Tropical Smoothie

A delicious tropical smoothie that is easy to make and so refreshing to drink.  The perfect summer drink to whip up for kids and adults.

– Banana – Frozen Mango Chunks –Pineapple Juice –Orange Juice –Pina Colada – or -coconut flavored yogurt


*You can either use Greek Yogurt or Regular Yogurt.  *Try to find a tropical flavor, like coconut or pina colada

Equipment You'll Need: 


Combine everything in a blender, close the lid, and blend until smooth


Do you want the smoothie thinned out?   Try coconut milk or coconut water or more juice 

Do you want the smoothie thicker? try adding more yogurt, banana, or frozen fruit 

Garnish your smoothie with a wedge of citrus fruit, a tropical straw and stirrer 


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