Turkey Football Toss Thanksgiving Game

This Thanksgiving Game will keep the whole family entertained. Football Turkey Toss is a fun Thanksgiving Game for the whole family. Easy to make and so much fun to play.

– trees  – Footballs – Brown Material  – 5 Fat Quarters – different colors – orange material – Googly Eyes – Glue  – Scissors – twisted nylon or twisted polyester rope  – strong tape


– Open up the colorful fat quarters that you bought for the turkey feathers and cut them down the middle  – Round out one end of the half to make a feather – Open the light brown fat quarter and cut a large turkey head – Cut a beak out of your orange fat quarter and cut a long piece of leftover red fabric for the gobble

– Position the feathers in a fanned-out pattern on the dark brown material – Place the head in the center of the feathers  – Glue the pieces down – Add the beak, eyes, and gobble to the head – Trace circles onto the end of the feathers

– Cut those out, glue any loose pieces of material down – Cut a couple of slits into each corner for the rope to go through – Cut long pieces of rope and slide one end through a slit and back through the other one giving the corners 2 pieces of rope for more support – Tie your turkey toss game between 2 sturdy poles like PVC pipe or tie it between two trees

– Set out a marker for people to stand behind – Each feather should be assigned a point value – Players will have 3 tries to get the most possible points

– Then, the next player gets a turn – The play continues until someone has reached 21 points or your set number agreed on before the game

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