Water Bottle Penguin Craft

This Water Bottle Penguin Craft is such a cute winter or arctic-themed craft for school. It’s a fun project and is a cute water bottle craft for kids that’s inexpensive, easy, and fun!

– empty water bottles – mini marshmallows  – black foam paper – orange foam paper – small googly eyes – glue  – scissors


– with the orange foam piece, cut out 2 little orange feet into the shape of a U and a triangle for the beak – using the black foam, cut a long rectangle that will fit all the way around the neck of the bottle – next, cut the penguin wings.

– fill the water bottle with mini marshmallows – seal the bottle with the lid – glue the black foam strip around the lid and neck of the bottle – add the googly eyes to the black piece and secure them with glue

– glue the beak under the eyes – add the little orange feet with the curved edges pointing out – glue the wings to the sides of the bottle so the pointed tips are facing the front of the penguin

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