Grilled Peaches With Balsamic & Honey Sauce

Grilled Peaches with Balsamic & Honey Sauce - To die for!



  1. Using a small sauce pan, pour the vinegar, honey, and salt in
  2. Over low/med. heat, stirr the ingredients until well blended
  3. Take about 1/4 cup of the sauce out for basting purposes
  4. Continue to cook the rest over medium heat, letting it boil, stirring often until the glaze thickens – about 5 more minutes
  5. Apply a small amount of oil to the grill rack
  6. Baste the peaches
  7. Over medium heat, place the peaches down, and leave them alone to get the grill marks
  8. Leave them to cook for about 6 minutes on both sides with the grill lid down – basting occasionally
  9. Serve the peaches over ice cream with glaze