Valentine Balloon Stomp Word Scramble Party Game For Kids and Teens

Valentine Balloon Stomp Word Scramble Game - A Fun Game for Kid or Teen Parties - So easy to set up and kids love it!
Kids love to pop balloons. It never fails, no matter the age, they love to pop a balloon in any way, shape, or form. This fun game gives kids the opportunity to go crazy stomping and popping balloons plus involves teamwork to get the job done! Come on in and I’ll show you my simple “how to” on Valentine Balloon Stomp Word Scramble Party Game For Kids and Teens I think my teens...
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Heart Shaped Valentine Brownies

heart shaped valentine's day browines
These Valentine Brownies are a sweet way to bring in the holiday. I like to surprise the kids with fun heart brownies in their lunchbox. You can create any personalized message you want with chocolate. You can even put the brownies on a lollipop stick. My advice to you is to use the shorter lollipop sticks. The brownies could break under the pressure of the height of the straws.  Print Heart...
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Our Valentine Minute To Win It Party! | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Our Minute To Win It Valentine's Day Party Games! -
Here it is! It’s our fifth grade Minute To Win It Valentine Party! I can’t wait to see the kids face off in these games. I have 6 planned and ready to go and I’ve tested them all out with my kids. They are so much fun. Here they are: These games from very easy to difficult. I’ll let you know which is which and give you suggestions on how to make them more challenging for...
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You’re A Touchdown! Last Minute Valentine Idea

Last minute Valentine idea - You're A Touchdown with printable -
Here’s one for last minute Valentines!    Use chocolate pudding cups to make footballs. Place them upside down and use a paint marker to make laces. Let dry, and wrap them in a bag Print off ! this printable Done! Happy Valentine’s Day   Here’s some stuff you might need or even want for this idea: ~Melissa –...
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I Love You A Bushel & A Peck Keepsake Handprint Craft

Apple Handprint craft for back to school, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Fall Fun with kids! -
When the kids were really little, I would always sing “I Love You A Bushel & A Peck” to them. It’s such a sentimental song for me. Now, I can preserve the song’s sweetness with the kid’s handprints. It’s double the sweetness!       Don’t handprints just make you melt?    The plan was to glue a basket over the apple so the apple was inside, but I...
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Valentine’s Day Fun Food Round Up

15+ Valentine's Day Fun Food and Drink Treats for kids -
  It’s time to put some Valentine’s Day ideas on the front page! I found some really cute ideas this morning on my morning Pinterest browsing, and I thought I would share my favorites. We all need a little inspiration to transition into the next holiday. So, let’s get to it! This is the hardest holiday transition for me. Our family has 4 birthdays, an anniversary, Halloween,...
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