Cobb Salad In A Baked Tortilla Shell With Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe

Cobb Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing -
When our family visits Florida’s beautiful coast, one of our local restaurants is the The Driftwood in Vero Beach, Florida. It’s not a fancy restaurant, but the views are amazing, the sun on my face feels ‘Oh so good,  and the food is a delicious local flavor! One of my favorite salads at The Driftwood is the Cobb salad. It comes out in a beautiful tortilla shell which I...
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How Does Involving My Toddler In Unloading The Dishwasher Turn Into A Trip To The Washing Machine?

Easy! In my state of  desperation,  I asked Connor to unload the silverware!  I thought, if I unloaded the sharp objects and showed him where the spoons go, he would enjoy his big boy chore! Of course. The spoons were challenging him to a fight! Sword fight with spoons? Didn’t see that one coming! Can spoons create a boo-boo? Yep, with Connor they can! My second mistake – again in my...
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Making A Christmas Ornament Out Of Buttons – A Kid Friendly Craft

All you need to make this Christmas craft are buttons, sewing pins and a Styrofoam ball! This is a fun craft for the whole family! Click the “Read More” button to see more pictures and a better description to walk you through this “easy to do” ornament! You’ll Need: Craft Paint Buttons (traditional type with button holes on the front) Sewing Pins Styrofoam Ball...
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Have A Great Weekend From Melissa!

Wow, this week just flew by! I love being back home with all of the different family members! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now that the Christmas season is here,  the days will fly by, even faster. I wish there was more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to enjoy the season a little more! I’m busy coming up with some more fun Christmas related crafts and testing them out...
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Make A Felt Christmas Tree With Ornaments The Kids Can Decorate Over & Over

A Felt tree the kids can decorate over, and over!
I saw this idea on Pinterest, and knew I wanted to make this fun Christmas activity for the kids. And, of course I wanted to share it with all of you, too! To keep the kids busy while we prepared Thanksgiving yummies, I ran out to JoAnn Fabric Store and bought 2 yards of Christmas Green Felt for the Christmas tree. Then, I added a small amount of several other fun Christmas colored felt to make...
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