Make A “No Sew” Snowman Out Of Socks – A Kid Friendly Craft

No sew Sock Snowman. A cute craft for winter, and Christmas with the kids!
You can make this cute and cuddly Snowman out of 2 socks! I found 3 pair of socks at the Dollar Tree for $1, and made this cute little guy in no time at all! Here’s what I did to make this Snowman: You’ll Need: A white ankle sock for the Snowman Another ankle sock for the hat Fabric Glue Vase Fillers, dry beans,  or beads to weight the sock down Stuffing – or –...
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Pinterest – When My Stuff Is Pinned – Or – Re-Pinned!

kid friendly things to do. com
I know you don’t hear me, but it’s funny, when I go onto Pinterest and look over at the side window…I get so excited to see one of my ideas or  re-creations pinned! I always look at the people that have re-pinned and say thank you into the computer. People around me must think I’m crazy…saying thank you to a computer! I don’t care! Thank you!!!! It’s...
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A Love Bug Caterpillar Cupcake For Valentines Day

Love Bug Cupcake
Here’s a little love bug cupcake made out of hearts, just in time for Valentine’s Day! I found a bouquet of heart lollipops at Wal-Mart for only $1.00, and used them to make this little heart caterpillar. Here’s What I did: I cut a piece of pull and peel licorice for the bug’s head, and added 2 pink sweethearts to the top with melted chocolate melts I added candy eyes and...
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A Healthy Valentine Fun Food – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

A Healthy Valentine Fun Food
This fun food is so easy. Just use a heart cookie cutter to get your watermelon heart, and use 2 toothpicks to insert 1 pointy strawberry for the pointy part of the arrow, and a strawberry with a V cut into it for the feather!  I saw something like this on Pinterest with a Watermelon heart and oranges for the arrow. cute. Here’s the original source with oranges! Click Here!...
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Warm And Spicy Layered Dip Recipe

Ooey, Gooey Warm & Spicy Layered Dip
Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and I haven’t posted an appetizer in honor of it!!!! Crazy…I know! But yesterday, after looking through the latest edition of Better Homes & Gardens football recipes, I finally got inspired to get moving on a new appetizer!!! I’ve always loved gooey, warm dips. And, if you add a little Mexican flair, it’s a Win! Win! for...
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