Baked Shrimp & Chicken Egg Roll Recipe

When my son requested an Asian themed meal for his birthday dinner, I knew egg rolls had to be on the menu. My mom used to make egg rolls for my birthday dinner, and I still remember rolling those suckers up while sneaking bites of the filling. She hand shredded the cabbage, and fried the egg rolls in a wok. I take short cuts anywhere I can, so I don’t hand shred anything! I also try to...
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Individual Toilet Paper Tube Pinatas – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Toilet Paper Tube Pinatas! You could stuff these with confetti, toys, or candy! Great idea for Cinco De Mayo, birthday parties, New Years Eve, etc...!
These toilet paper tube pinatas are so much fun! A perfect craft for a Cinco De Mayo Celebration, birthday parties, New Years, Fourth of July, Cultural Day – You name it! You’ll Need: Toilet paper tube Decorative supplies like tissue paper, stickers, crayons, markers, etc… Washable Glue Hot glue, and Hot Glue Gun – I recommend using a Lo Temp glue gun   Card Stock, or...
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Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken Wings – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken!
This recipe is absolutely delicious! You can’t go wrong with  a little sweet, a little salt, and a little tang! Here’s the recipe: You’ll Need: 3 lbs. of chicken wings 1/4 cup of soy sauce 1/3 cup of Agave Nectar 2 cloves of garlic – peeled, and chopped 1 t ground ginger 1/2 cup of brown sugar 1 t of hot sauce 1/4 cup of white vinegar 1 cinnamon stick 1 T cornstarch + 1 T...
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A Dragon Sock Puppet For The Chinese New Year – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This is my tribute to the Chinese New Year! The Year of The Dragon! So, I have been preparing all of these Valentine treats to share with you, and somehow let the Chinese New Year pass by! Kids love sock puppets, and a dragon’s body definitely resembles a sock. This is really easy, and fun. Just print off the template from the link below, and follow the instructions! Come back here for...
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