Crispy Baked Egg Roll Recipe with Homemade Dipping Sauce | Kid Friendly Things To Do

easy baked chicken and shrimp egg rolls
This Crispy Baked Egg Roll Recipe will make you a believer in baked egg rolls. Without all of that grease, they are so much healthier and easier to make. Come on in and I’ll share this simple recipe for making your homemade egg rolls tonight… Last January, when my son requested an Asian themed meal for his birthday dinner, I knew egg rolls had to be on the menu. My mom used to make...
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A Dragon Sock Puppet For The Chinese New Year – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This is my tribute to the Chinese New Year! The Year of The Dragon! So, I have been preparing all of these Valentine treats to share with you, and somehow let the Chinese New Year pass by! Kids love sock puppets, and a dragon’s body definitely resembles a sock. This is really easy, and fun. Just print off the template from the link below, and follow the instructions! Come back here for...
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