Fish Family Farm-in Bolton, CT Review

Experience the tranquility of the raw, simple beauty of this farm set in Bolton, Connecticut. In the foreground at Fish Family Farm, a white-barn, white farm-house, and large circular bailed hay, all dressed in white sit among the backdrop of mountains and forests.

After you’ve taken in all the scenery has to offer, check out the chicken coop. Say hello to calves, as they lean forward, with beautiful, big brown eyes beckoning you for a gentle pat on the head. If you’re lucky enough to time your visit just right, you may even notice a mommy cow, enlarged with a baby, and about to bring in a new life. She’ll be happy to lean over to say hello to you.

Walk into the old country store, and through the glass wall, watch the process of raw milk being transformed into dairy products before your very eyes. Check out the refrigerators for a possible purchase. Look down at the old-time glass milk jugs, and think about how it used to be. The good old days are here before you.

Mom’s Rating:

  • This was such a welcome change of scenery. There were no other visitors besides us. The farm is small enough to just enjoy all it has to offer, without the pressure of time constraints, and moving along to the next thing. We might have been there for a total of forty minutes, and it was plenty. We were so refreshed by the easiness of it all, and the excitement of seeing the calves up close! Definitely Good Stuff!
  • There was literally no barn smell. The cleanest barn I’ve ever been to!
  • In the summer months, You can watch ice cream being made on Mondays


  • The cows were out to pasture when we arrived. Luckily the babies were left behind to rest, and a momma. The others don’t head in for milking until 4:00. Or, if you are an early bird-they are being milked from 6-8 a.m.
  • There was no one to greet us. It kind of gave me that feeling of “Are we really supposed to be here?” I kind of wanted the reassurance of a “hi, come on in!” You are truly on your own to discover. But, I guess that could also be a positive.
  • Ice cream is seasonal:( -Go in the summer for that

Favorite Season To Visit:
Fall-only because of the mountain backdrop.
Summer-Fresh made ice-cream at the ice-cream counter.
Any season would do.

Activities/Things To Do:
Visit the chickens and rooster
Watch the creamery process
Visit calves and cows
Shop for dairy products, and eggs
Breathe the fresh air!

What to Pack:
Germ-X-don’t forget to clean up after touching the animals
Cash for the general store

When they say self guided tour, it is self-guided. Just head off into the barn. Go on in!:)
Products are subject to availability

Is There Anything That Made This Mom Nervous?

Dad’s 2 cents. What’s All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
Nothing at all.  FREE. Absolutely free!:) Now, that’s Good Stuff!

The only cost would be, if you wish to purchase something in the small country store.

20 Dimock Lane(I-384 exit 5)
Bolton, CT

Milking Hours-6-8 a.m OR 4-6 p.m.
Open 8-6 Mon.-Sat.

Our Experience:
I just took the two little ones while the older two were in school. I thought it would be a sweet way to start our day together. And, it didn’t disappoint us. What beautiful scenery, and fun experiences. The calves were so cute. I couldn’t get enough of them. The kids were so excited to be so close to them.

Now, the older kids want to see it. I’ll be happy to take the whole family back. But, this time we’ll go during the milking process. That would be fun to watch!

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The Fish Family Farm Web Site:
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