Fun Squared Duckpin Bowling In CT Review

Have you heard of Duckpin Bowling? Duckpin bowling is like bowling, except the balls are small enough for little hands, and weigh only about 2 pounds. The pins are also smaller, about 2/3 the size of typical bowling pins. This all makes it a perfect bowling experience for kids – even toddlers!

This fun variation of bowling can be found at a place, in Connecticut, that boasts “The Worlds Largest Duckpin Center”. In Newington, CT, Fun Squared Duckpin Bowling, and Laser Tag offer 32 lanes of duckpin bowling.

The bowling center also includes laser tag, a snack bar, a mini arcade, and party rooms. The bowling center is equipped with black lights, a fun feature for kids. All things white will glow! At certain allotted times, the bowling center displays laser lights, onto the bowling lanes, and rocks out to some pop music! Another important feature is the fact that the gutter guards are up! No gutter balls! Little kids are almost guaranteed success. Purchase tokens for the mini arcade to earn tickets for the toy counter. Grab a bite to eat, at the snack bar which features pizza, chicken bites, and much more to choose from.

Bowling is such a fun American past-time. In the United States, Duckpin bowling is mostly unique to the New England area. The known history dates back to 1893. So, with that stated, this is a true American Roots, Americana sport. Why not take the kids, and let them experience this old tradition!

Want to find out more about Duckpin Bowling history? Try this link out! go to

Mom’s Review:
Our family always enjoys our time bowling.  The kids love the arcade! Arcades kind of drive me batty – trying to keep up with kids in such crowded areas always makes me feel a little on edge. When they get older, I’ll give them a run at Skee Ball! (Competition is an ugly character trait, for me! My kids aren’t even at my mercy!) But, it is another American past-time, and the kids are happy to indulge! The facility is wide open. The bowling area seems clean, and well maintained. We always leave happy.

**I have not experienced the laser tag. So, no review on that. I think the minimum age is 7.(?)

Great Bowling Experience
Lots of Activities
Kids’ smiles are everywhere!
Fun attributes, like glowing clothes, disco balls, and gutter guards!
Staff is helpful when asked
Arcade for the kiddies & you!

The only bathroom, I had the pleasure of taking my girls to was disgusting! One of the toilets was leaking water. There was a shower curtain hung, in place of one door. The trash was over flowing. Yuck!

  • Yep, it’s a busy place. But, that is even more of a reason to keep the bathrooms clean. I saw staff trying to look busy, while one man ran the front desk. I remember being an employed teenager. I know how they work. They need to be cleaning the bathrooms. Especially when a birthday party is in progress, across the hall.

Favorite Season To Visit:
Indoor Activity – So, any season works. We seem to always go in the Winter.

Activities/Things To Do:
Laser Tag
Birthday Party

What To Pack:
Germ-XLots of kids are bowling, and playing those same arcade games.
Camera/Video Camera – Kids are so cute when they bowl.
$$Credit Cards are accepted

$$If you like, the bowling lane will keep your credit card information open for the duration of your stay. If you need more tokens, food, or bowling, just put it on your tab.

Kid’s Review: What do the kids think of the place?:
Abi – Gives it a #10. Because of the arcade, and she loves bowling there!
Michael – “I like playing the games at the bowling place.”
Ella -” I loved the purple ball. I love my necklace, and ring I got from my tickets!”

Dad’s 2 Cents $$: What’s All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:

There are several options for bowling: For this experience, I will supply you with a link to the duckpin bowling pricing:

56 Costello Road
Berlin Turnpike
Newington, CT

Closed on Mondays.
Tues. 12-10, Wed. 9-10, Thurs. 12-10, Fri. 12-12, Sat. 10-12, Sun. 10-8
**There are different SUMMER hours, and rainy day hours. Please check this link for specific times.

Our Experience:
I have great family memories of bowling. I can remember going bowling, with my sister, and her young family. On that particular outing, I had a hard time finding a ball. I finally decided on a bowling ball, but the bowling ball was way too heavy, and loose.  I stood in the center of the lane, positioned the ball in front of me, and started to swing my ball backwards before releasing it.  I was gripping the ball as hard as I could. But, before I could pull it forward, it slipped out of my grasp, flew, in what seemed like slow motion, for an eternity through the air, and landed – about 10 feet behind me – in front of the water fountain. Luckily no one was getting a drink! Yikes! Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be to a teenager?! I can still see it all, in slow motion! I wish that had been a duckpin ball!

We love to go duckpin bowling. We try to go at least once a year. We haven’t hosted a birthday party, there. But, we did have some birthday fun at Fun Squared. We took some of our son’s closest friends for a little bowling, and arcade fun, before going back to the house for cake! The kids had a blast!

More Pictures For A Better Visual:
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