Home Depot Kid’s Workshop Review

Kids can explore their building skills, the first Saturday of every month, at the Free Home Depot Kid’s Workshop.

As you walk up to the Home Depot Kid’s Workshop section, you’ll notice parents, and children thoroughly engrossed in this month’s project. With a parent’s supervision, kids will be putting nails in place, and hammer away! They will be assembling projects with screws, and screwdrivers. What busy bees, hard at work.

Some of the projects offered at The Kid’s Workshop in Home Depot might include, wooden piggy banks, race cars, keepsake boxes, or wooden shelves. Each month a new project is featured. If it’s the first visit to the Home Depot Kid’s Workshop, kids will receive a bright orange Home Depot Workshop Apron! With the completion of each wood project, kids will gladly receive a pin to place on their apron, signifying the project they just completed.

This is a great way for Dad, and kids to spend one on one time. Grandparents will love participating with their grandchildren, in this fun kid-friendly project! If the project is intended as a present, kids will feel so proud of the fact that they made the gift completely by themselves! And, it’s all completely FREE!

Mom’s Review:
In our family, this is a day that is dedicated to dad, and kids! Three bright orange aprons are hanging on hooks by the front door, ready for another pin! They love this time together. The kids are always so excited to show me what they made with dad. And, I have to say, even though my youngest stays home with me for the duration of the workshop, I  like the quiet time, at home! That’s Good Stuff!

Educational Experience
It’s always fun
Staff is wonderful
You can get some “home project” shopping done, after the kid’s project is through!
Kids are proud of their accomplishments.

I can’t think of a negative.

Favorite Season To Visit:
Winter – Even though it’s offered year-round, we seem to only remember to go in the Winter. Any season will do, as it’s all indoors – If you click on the Home Depot link below, you can look up the upcoming projects to see if any look interesting to you!

Activities/Things To Do:

What To Pack:
Don’t forget your orange apron.
Camera/Video Camera

The Home Depot Page states ages 5-12. My youngest daughter started at 3. My husband stays with her and helps. I don’t think there have been any issues with her young age. I also remember my husband saying there are a lot of little kids, at the workshop.

Kid’s Review:
Abi’s Rating: #10 For Awesome Time! I love going with dad to build projects. I also love it when we make mom a Valentine’s present or Mother’s Day present!
Michael’s Favorite Project: The Race Car, and the shelf I made for mom! I love making things at Home Depot.
Ella’s Favorite Part: I love to use the hammer and the screwdriver!

Dad’s 2 Cents $$. What’s All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
Nothing it’s completely FREE

Our Experience:
I remember seeing the commercials for the Kids Workshops, but I never really looked into it. I guess I thought the kids were too young to really get anything out of that experience. Then, a friend of mine told me how helpful The Home Depot was in donating wood projects to a school. She said kids, of all ages, loved the projects. I changed my attitude towards the experience, and decided it was time to check it out.

I looked up the Kid’s Workshop and called to confirm the time. My husband, and I decided, this would be an activity with dad experience, and off they went!

Then, it so happened, that I was in a position of needing some wood projects for a group of children. The Home Depot happily donated dozens to my cause. What a great company!

The kids always look forward to this time with dad. I haven’t heard of a negative experience, yet! They love to put their orange aprons on, and they love to show me their new pins. They absolutely love to sneak in and hide their Valentine’s presents for me. And, I absolutely love to receive them! Good Stuff!

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To find a store near you:
go to http://www.homedepot.com/StoreFinder/index.jsp?URL=http%3A/www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HomePageView%3FstoreId%3D10051%26catalogId%3D10053%26langId%3D-1

First Saturday of Every Month from 9-12

More Pictures For A Better Visual:
go to http://www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com/2012/01/home-depot-kids-workshop-pictures-a-kid-friendly-thing-to-do/

To Visit Home Depot Kid’s Workshop Page:
go to  http://www.homeimproverclub.com/kidsworkshops.aspx

KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com – A site dedicated to giving you reviews on fun things to do with kids in CT – reviewed by mom, and kids. Providing fun activities, recipes, ideas and crafts to do with kids in CT.

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