Kent Falls State Park In CT Review for Families

Have you been to Kent Falls in Kent, Connecticut? If you have, you recognize the above description. If you haven’t been yet, then I hope you’ll be persuaded to visit with your family, this year! If you are not convinced yet, I’ll expand on the description of this fun thing to do with kids in Connecticut.

A sweet covered bridge, over a babbling brook. A vast green to run, and play on! A staircase built into the forest! A 250-foot cascading waterfall, with the thick, dense forest as it’s the backdrop. Families picnicking near the mountain stream…

As you pull up to Kent falls, you are greeted by a small, quaint, red covered bridge. The bridge exits into a large lawn, filled with families enjoying a game of football, tag,  and Frisbee! The lawn is on one side of the path. On the other side of the path, picnic tables are lined up along a mountain stream. Kids are hopping across emerging rocks. Families are enjoying a picnic lunch. With charcoal grills accessible to picnic tables; families can settle in for a fun outing, or even a family reunion. All of this activity is set in front of a beautiful waterfall. It’s visible from every angle!

If you want a closer look at the waterfall, you can head up the provided stairs.  You don’t have to worry about the kids too much. A fence is placed between the trail and the waterfall. (Our tax money at work!) As You climb up to the top of the falls, enjoy several outlooks, and photo opportunities. If you need a little rest, benches are provided.

At the top, you can enjoy the mountain stream, or cross another bridge to a trail leading down through the forest. If you rather go back the way you came, no problem! Just, head back down the stairs to enjoy some more fun on the green!

What a great day! This is definitely a fun thing to do with kids and families in Connecticut!

Sculpturdale – Now, as a special bonus to your outing, I have another fun place to visit. It’s literally next door! When your time enjoying the great outdoors has come to an end, but the kids in the car, and head over to Sculpturedale. It’s open to the public, on weekends. Go ahead drive into the parking lot. Roll down the windows, and enjoy the absolutely, breathtaking steel sculptures. The kids will think they are on a safari, as life-sized elephants and giraffes loom above. A big cat looks as if it is ready to pounce, as it sits across the cobblestone fence. Life-size sculptures of moose, deer, and wild stallions are grazing in the grass. What a special place!

These pieces are works of art. In this outdoor art gallery, you might want to let the kids enjoy the scenery from the car. But, if you think they can resist the temptation to imitate “Tarzan” in the jungle environment, then by all means check out these amazing sculptures, up close. If you have a place, in your yard, that is just perfect for one of these pieces & room in your car, then you’re in luck! The nice gentleman that creates these pieces, lives on the premises and will be happy to assist you, in your purchase.

Mom’s Review:
I am so excited to have found another special place on our list. We love to get outside and play. This is a perfect place for us to have a fun time outside. We are already making plans to take the grandparents. A bonus to this outing, is the quiet ride home, as kids drop one by one! Ah, peace and quiet! When you can’t usually complete thought in your head, there is no substitute for that!

Sculpturdale – I am also thrilled with the discovery of Sculpturdale.  I’m not sure who was more excited to see this fun display of animals – the kids or myself. I did not trust my kids to behave after the long day at the park, so I looked at the sculptures without them! They were happy to view them from the car. After I save up for a while, I plan on buying a sculpture as a pet! I wonder if buying a steel giraffe, will buy me some time on a puppy purchase? Hmm… College tuition -or- life-size sculpture? Just kidding. They are actually very reasonable for this level of art. You have to check out the pictures!

Favorite Season To Visit:
You really can’t go wrong. We went in winter. The ice on the falls was spectacular.
Fall would be beautiful, and still warm enough to play!

Activities/Things To Do:

What To Pack:
Baby Carrier – Hiking Carrier for the little ones. Impossible with strollers.
Frisbee, Kite, Soft Ball, playthings!
Picnic Lunch! (If you plan on grilling, don’t forget Charcoal, and matches!)
Camera/Video Camera


  • The park is set up for fishing, hiking, and picnics. Apparently, it’s a nice trout fishing site!
  • You can learn about some interesting geology of Kent Falls, in the link provided below.
  • Try to get the picnic table on the left side of the bridge. It has a little sandy beach, and the stream is perfect for playing in. (Unless I’m there. In that case, can I have it?)
  • You don’t have to hike up to the top of the falls to enjoy the waterfall. There is a landing at the bottom to enjoy.
  • There are 3 trails to discover at Kent Falls
  • As you climb, the stairs change to Stone steps. To go to the stream over the falls, you will have to go on a dirt trail. Steps end at the top.

Kid’s Review:
Abigail – #10 – “I loved our day at the park, and I can’t wait to go back with Nana, Greema, and Papa!”
Ella –
My favorite part was when me & daddy “goed” to find some pretty rocks!

Dad’s 2 Cents $$: What’s All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
State Park is absolutely FREE!

Kent Falls
462 Kent Cornwall Rd.
Kent, CT

3 Carter Road
Kent, CT

Kent Falls – 8:00 to Sunset
Sculpturedale – Any weekend, year-round!

Pictures, For A Better Visual:
go to

Web Sites To Look At:
Kent Falls: go to
Sculpturedale: go to


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