Kid City A Children’s Museum – in Middleton CT Review

Let your imaginations soar – all the way to the moon and back. And, I mean that literally. Well, not literally, but pretty close.

Kid City, in Middleton, CT believes in first impressions. From the giant cornucopias on the front entrance to the enormous, fabulous coatroom. Everything is grand, magnificent, colorful, and full of imagination. If a child could draw up blueprints, and handle a working saw, Kid City is what would materialize.

In the first room, kids can try out space-age vehicles. They can pretend to blast off to the moon in a rocket ship, get inside a space ship, draw on a wall with neon lights, and watch in amazement as little balls float in mid-air.

If you can convince the kids to move on, go upstairs to see the second floor. Hang a right at the top of the stairs, and head off into the cornfield. This is a room with half walls as dividers. And, each little room has something new to offer. In one room, kids can pretend with cars on town roads. The next room has wooden carrots to plant in the garden. There is a hot air balloon basket to climb aboard, and tunnels under a working train. Pop your head up into the see-through bubbles to watch the train soar past!

Don’t waste too much time in the cornfield-and you could, there is still so much to discover. As you make your way to the music room, notice two wonderful birthday party rooms. Wow, those are lucky boys and girls. In the music room, which is modeled after the jungle, you can beat on the wall to hear the sound of drums, take a turn down a slide, run across a bridge, and ride the see-saw which is actually a giant rain stick.

Quickly check out the clubhouse, and video theater, before heading back downstairs. Go to the west side of the museum to do some indoor apple picking. Kids can load plush apples into a bucket, as someone operates the pulley to lift the bucket up to the clubhouse. Then, apples come tumbling back down to start all over. Chickens are on the other side of the room, waiting for you to gather eggs.

Head into the fishery. This is such a treat! Rubber fish are everywhere, waiting to be gathered in fishing baskets. Now that you’ve gathered them place them  on any of the pulleys, and conveyer belts. They are everywhere, even overhead. Climb into an igloo or board the ship. Fish seem to fall from the sky, and every room in the fishery has somewhere to put your new fish!

Walk over to the main street, and have a bite to eat (for pretend-that is), as your child prepares a scrumptious meal for you. Get into the car, and drive over to the bagel shop to get something for dinner. There are so many yummy possibilities in this room.

There is even a basement, reserved for three and under. This is called The Toddler Sea Caves. Whew! There is so much to do at Kid City. After you do a little real shopping, in the gift shop, set your very worn out children in the back of your car, and enjoy a very quiet ride home! I know the kids will be so worn out from having all of that fun, they won’t say a peep. Now, that’s good stuff!

Mom’s Review:
I forgot how amazing Kid City is. I always wish the architect was a close relative! I could dream up some fun projects! Seriously, the person that designs and builds the sets, belongs on the set of a Hollywood movie. I can’t say enough. You’ll just have to go and see it with your own eyes.

I can’t stress enough, that this is probably hands down the BEST museum based on an imaginative play I have ever been to. I definitely recommend this as an experience for young kids. The museum recommends age eight and under. A fun thing to do with kids in CT

There are so many things to explore – all filled with wonder and excitement.
There is an area next to the coatroom filled with tables for snacks.
There is a bathroom on every level.

I was a little surprised when I had to pay to park. I don’t remember that from last year? That makes me sound like a cheap skate. But, it was a little unexpected when the parking lot is behind the museum, not in a parking garage.

Favorite Season To Visit:

Activities/Things to Do:
Play, play, and play some more!

What To Pack:
Diaper bag
No strollers – So, pack a baby carrier if necessary.
$$$Credit Cards are accepted
Germ-X – Everything is hands-on.

Don’t forget – no strollers. Plan accordingly.
There is a room with tables for snacks – no snacks beyond that room
Birthday Parties would be so fun.
One adult per 4 children is recommended.

Kid’s Review. What did the KIDS think about the place?:
Ella – I loved the fishies!
Older sister and brother, who were in school during our fun: -Awww! Man! I want to go back there! No fair!

Is There Anything That Made This Mom Nervous?:
No. Everything is so kid-friendly. They have thought of everything. Well, flu season might make me a bit nervous, with all of the hands-on fun! 🙂

Dad’s 2 Cents$$$. What’s All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
$8 Adults and Children. Under 1 Free.
The Third Thursday Evening of every month is FREE.
Look at your museum memberships – if it has the ACM reciprocal program in a circle -Kid City will honor it.

119 Washington St.
Middletown, CT

Sun. – Tues. 11-5
Wed. – Sat. 9-5
Not open: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years Day
Snow Days – Call, but they usually open

Our Experience:
Luckily, a wonderful person from my pediatrician’s office reminded me of this museum. It was then, that I made a note to myself to check it out, again. I’m so glad, we went back. Ella was so little the first time, and Connor was an infant. They had such an amazing morning. It’s usually hard to keep my 2 years old in one room, but he didn’t want to leave any of the rooms at Kid City. I just wish I had the whole family with me. What fun! Definitely Good Stuff!

I  want one of those giant cornucopias! They are so cool.

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