Lamothe’s Sugar House In Connecticut Reviewed

For years, I thought we had to take a road trip to Vermont to see Maple Syrup, in action. Not so! Connecticut is holding it’s own with maple sugar! As a matter of fact, in Burlington, Connecticut, Lamothe’s Sugar House is the proud owner of Connecticut’s largest maple sugar farms If you are interested in learning about the stages of maple sugar, from tree to your pancake, you are in luck! At Lamothe’s, you can head right through the country store, and on back to the room housing the maple sugar evaporator. During specific tour times in mid-February through mid-March, someone will be there to greet you, and tell you all about the sugaring process! As you listen to the short (about 15-20 minutes) explanation, feel free to sample delicious maple mulled cider, maple coffee, maple lollipops, and maple hard candy! Wow!

If you have passed the sugaring season window, no worries. You can still take a self-guided tour of the maple syrup room, and purchase some delicious maple products in the country store.

The Lamothe’s Sugar House Store, is absolutely lovely, housing many unique gifts from several Connecticut artisans. From beautiful rustic benches to maple candies of all types, and let’s not forget the maple syrup! The store even houses the children’s books series, Tractor Mac. They were written by a Connecticut author. If you know someone that is comfortable in the kitchen, they’ll love the kitchen selection at Lamothe’s.

After, the kids have loaded up on maple candy, go back outside, and head around back to the rabbit houses. Several rabbits are awaiting a greeting from the little ones!

Mom’s Review:
Let’s see. The highlight for the kids during the sugaring tutorial was definitely the candy and cider! That was the first thing they saw, and it was all they thought about! Us adults, did enjoy learning about the sugaring process. The kids lost interest in the learning process. Bummer! The gentleman conducting the tutorial did a terrific job. He is extremely personable, laid-back, and great with kids. My kids were driving me crazy, walking over to the candy every 2 seconds, but he didn’t seem to mind. The rabbits were a hit, and the maple taffy we purchased lasted about 7 seconds! Yum!

Clean Environment
Friendly Staff – #10 on kid-friendly scale – So important!
Great Sugaring Demonstration
Wonderful Store

The sugaring process is absolutely interesting to adults, and some kids. To make this section a little more impressionable to younger kids, a hands-on element would go a long way. Kids love to touch, see up close, and explore.

Your Review: Things Change. If you’ve had a different experience let us know by leaving a comment below:

Favorite Season To Visit:
Sugaring Season! Mid-February to Mid-March

Activities/Things To Do:
Learn about the sugaring process
Visit the bunnies!

What To Pack:
Stroller might be hard to maneuver through the store – so bring a baby Bjorn, or something similar.
$$Credit Cards are accepted in the store


  •  Check out the UPCOMING EVENTS section of The Lamothe’s Sugar House Website – Look at the Coming Events Link, below.
  • Coming on MARCH 3rd, 2012 (for example): Tractor Mac author is coming, and so is TRACTOR MAC!

Kid’s Review: What Did The Kids Think Of The Place?:
Abi gives it a # 6 or #7 – I loved the candy. It was delicious. But, wanted more to do there.
Michael: I loved drinking the syrup, and the cider!
Ella: I liked the candy, and the bunnies!

Dads 2 Cents $$: What’s All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
The tour is FREE.
The smallest bottle of maple syrup, about 3.4 ounces is around $5.00 – A large bottle, depending on the grade is around $80.oo! With many prices in-between!

89 Stone Road
Burlington, CT

Mon-Thurs: 10-6
Fri- Sat: 10-5
Sunday – 12-5

Tours: During Sugaring Season – Weekends 1-4:30

Our Experience:

If you live in New England, I think watching the maple syrup process should be on the bucket list! You never know when your circumstances might change, and you have to move. We know it happens.  It has a couple of times, for us!

Thank goodness for other mom’s and dad’s spreading the word. I had no idea that maple syrup farms were so plentiful in Connecticut, until a mom mentioned Lamothe’s. That was a year ago, and I missed the sugaring window. So, I have been waiting a year to take the family. When February rolled around, you better believe, I was on the phone with Lamothe’s Sugar House confirming the tours had begun! Yippee!

When we walked into the sugaring room, we were greeted by a very nice gentleman in suspenders with overalls (I love those country guys!). We were delighted to see the maple candy set out, with maple coffee and  the most delicious maple cider. I swear, I can’t stop thinking about that cider. Yum! Where was I? Oh yes, then we listened to a short explanation of syrup, and at the end, got to sample some delicious syrup. The syrup was so good. I am not a sweets person, but I could drink a whole cup.

Then, I was delighted to find such a great selection in the store. Forget about the kids, I loved the store. It reminded me of a general store setting. I will definitely go back to purchase some unique household items (without my kids begging for treats).

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