Stamford Museum & Nature Center In CT Review

At the Stamford Museum & Nature Center in Stamford, Connecticut kids are invited to get out and explore nature. As you enter the Museum & Nature Center you will notice the beautiful mansion on the hill. The mansion, once a private residence, is now a museum that offers several exhibits year-round and rotates what is on display

After you’ve checked out the museum, head down to the water’s edge. Enjoy the beautiful scenery offered from the water, and forest backdrop. Watch as ducks swim by. Sit at one of the many picnic tables and have a snack or a picnic! When you are ready to head over to the farm, stop for a quick view of the two otters playing in the otter pond. Edie and Robert Otter are sure to amuse you and your family. If you can resist the temptation to linger there all day, head across the bridge into the working farm.

The farm is complete with a maple sugar house, pigs, cows, chickens, and turkeys. You are invited to sit on any of the benches and watch as workers take care of the organic garden, and animals on the farm. Step into the Animal Embassy to check out several creepy and slimy animals! Snakes are on display, as well as lizards, turtles, and alligators. I wouldn’t call the birds creepy and slimy, but they are housed in the Animal Embassy, as well. The maple sugar house, and during sugaring season there are many opportunities to learn about the sugaring process and get a sample of syrup!

If the kids are growing restless from the slow life of the farm, head over to the play center. A playground is set inside a rocky hillside and is ready for action. The playground offers slides, climbing experiences, wooden bird nests to discover and explore, and a wooden pirate ship to let your imaginations sail away!

Just next to the playground is the small gift shop and the start of the 80 acres of nature trails. Trails start off with a nice wooden walkway to wheel or stroll along. If you are ready to take off into the woods, there are many trail opportunities to explore.

If it’s a hot day, you might want to stop in at the gift shop on your way out. Grab an ice-cream in the summertime, or a refreshing drink to enjoy on your way home.

Mom’s Review:
Everyone enjoyed their time at the farm and nature center. The kids loved seeing the animals, sampling maple syrup, playing on the playground, and the boardwalk nature trail. The environment was full of families enjoying time with kids.

**The museum was closed for renovation – I did not have a chance to check it out.
**We did not check out the observatory – which is housed at another location.

Many activities to enjoy a full day. Well worth the price of admission.
A chance to slow down with nature.


  1. While many playgrounds take pains to bring in chopped rubber tires, or soft landings, this one is complete with roots, and giant rocks. I’ve spent time in the emergency room over playground accidents. I was definitely standing guard. I also noticed a sign at the playground, that funny enough, said something like – restrooms & FIRST AID that way! Funny how first aid was mentioned. 🙂 I completely get the nature aspect. Just saying.
  2.  The center is self-guided, so you don’t really need to interact with staff unless you are taking a class, watching a demonstration, or shopping. But, one thing that can really change an experience, at least for me, is a staff member placed in a customer service position that does not seem very kid or family friendly.
  • I have to say, the person running the gift shop looked annoyed by us. Simply because we walked in the door. She did not have a greeting for anyone and did not go out of her way whatsoever to interact with people. I strongly feel that people that are placed in positions of customer interaction should make the effort. Especially on a day set aside to entice non-members to check it out. They scored a negative on this one.

Favorite Season To Visit:
I would have to say, Spring or Summertime. We went on a cold day, specifically to enjoy the maple sugar process. I could imagine how relaxing all of the activities would be on a warm day!

Activities/Things To Do:
Explore a Farm
Learn & Discover
Watch the cute otters

What To Pack:
Strollers are definitely easy to manage along the many paved trails.
Usual kid stuff
Picnic lunch
Camera/Video Camera

Get ready to interact with wildlife! We saw huge turkeys hanging out at the picnic area inside the farm.
$$$ They do accept credit cards.
Another Maple Syrup Place in Connecticut
Maple Syrup Festival is in March!

Kid’s Review: What did the kids think of the place?
Abi gives it a #10 – Simply based on the playground
Michael – “The River Turtle was cool. It was staring at me!”  “I liked the playground with all of the slides.”
Ella – “I like the syrup & the bunnies!”

Dad’s 2 Cents $$: What Is All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
Adults $10,  Seniors (65+) $8, children 4-17 $5, 3 and under FREE!
There is a family membership available.

39 Scolfieldtown Road
Stamford, CT

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