The Trash Museum In Connecticut Reviewed

The kids hear that phrase, all of the time. At the Trash Museum in Hartford, Connecticut,  you can show them exactly what that means! Kids can watch from enormous glass windows, as the recycle trucks

back into the recycle garage. It’s so much fun to hear the beeps, as you look out the windows, and see the back of the trucks lifting higher, and higher until finally all of the trash falls to the ground! Then the tractors hurry to scoop up all of the trash, and place it onto a mountain of, you guessed it, more trash! Conveyor belts are transporting recyclables, as workers sort through them. Movies are all around on flat-screen televisions. The subject? Trash, of course!

Announcement: Trash Museum is Closed 

Once you have thoroughly enjoyed watching the trucks, go back downstairs to the temple of trash! Test your observation skills, as you try a scavenger hunt game. Next, move through the exhibits of products rescued from the garbage. Learn how trash is converted to energy. See examples of aluminum trash. Look at trash through time mural, and some trash treasures! Test your knowledge of trash with question and answer boards. Head into the discovery room to let the kids, work their own conveyer belt, discover what trash has the magnetic force, and sort trash! At the trash museum, you can also learn how to use trash to make your garden grow! Then walk over to the craft table, and re-use some trash to make a craft!

What is the one material Americans throw away than any other? You’ll have to go to the trash museum to find out! 🙂 A Family Day is coming soon! Feb. 18, 2012

Mom’s Review:
We had fun at the trash museum. It is a small, quaint, inexpensive, and informative museum. The kids had a great time making a craft, playing in the discovery room, and watching the trucks.

Inexpensive Museum for a big family
Small & Quaint – You can go, tour, and go out for a late lunch!
Clean & Bright
Friendly Staff – So important!

Their website is a little confusing. Their hours show 10-…, but they have two types of hours. I think they should work on an more user friendly way to explain that process. Possibly have a separate page for school tours. And, not put both on the same page. One page states it shows hours, but doesn’t. Just, go by what you see below, or call.

Your Review: What Did You Think Of The Place? Please leave us a comment below:

Favorite Season To Visit:
Winter – only because it’s indoor. Rainy Days are great, too.

Activities/Things To Do:
Scavenger Hunt
Watch the trucks
Shop for recycled products

What To Pack:
Strollers are welcomed – there is an elevator to move to the upper level.
Usual kid stuff 🙂
$$Credit Cards are welcomed


  • Pay close attention to the public hours. I did not do this. Typical! I saw there hours were from 10 – 2, so I went at 10. Apparently, I missed the part that stated the museum was open to the public at 12:00.
  • There are special family days on specific Saturdays. Look at the link below to find out when!
  • A family day is coming up on FEB 18, 2012

Kid’s Review: What did the kids think of the place?
Ella (4): I loved playing with the garbage! & I made daddy a present for his office! It was fun.

Dad’s 2 cents $$: What’s All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
$3 per person
Under 2 are free
Scout leaders are free

211 Murphy Road
Hartford, CT 06114

Sept. – June: Wed-Fri 12-4
July – August: Tues. – Fri. 12-4
Tours are available with a reservation, for groups of 5 or more.

Our Experience:
Sadly the Garbage Museum, in Stratford, CT has closed. I was looking forward to taking the kids to see the giant T-Rex made out of garbage. But, as it turns out, there is a trash museum in Hartford, Ct. I didn’t even know this existed! It looked small enough to take the smaller two kids by myself, so I headed out to do just that.

Of course, nothing is just that straight forward with us. I always skim through the information and miss a crucial piece. Yep, I did that again. (It makes life interesting!) So, I wait in the parking lot for 10:00 to roll around, and head in with a stroller, backpack, and toddler. Then, they tell me, your two hours early. You’re kidding me? What am I going to do in Hartford for two hours?

Thankfully, the women were very gracious and allowed me to take a tour, even as the school groups toured.

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