Understanding Wildlife Show Review

How would you like to take the kids or grand-kids to an animal show in Connecticut or the New England area, worthy of Sea World and Disney World, but spend only $5.00 a ticket? Here’s what you can expect from your small admission fee:

With a tropical backdrop on stage, you’ll watch animals, of every kind, representing the rain forest. Beautiful Macaws will fly circles above your heads. A parrot takes center stage with witty comments! You’ll watch a Lemur take amazing leaps from the table to the show host’s back! Kids can volunteer to go on stage, and hold animals. A member from the audience will volunteer to stand in as a perch, in a fun and amazing demonstration. A monkey will drink from a sippy cup, and do some other silly things. You’ll meet baby alligators, and a much bigger one, a cockatoo, and several other rain forest animals! All of this while you are learning about Wildlife awareness, and the need to save the tropical rainforests! Wow, the kids will even come home with an education on the rainforest. They won’t even know they are being educated because the show never skips a beat! It’s action-packed!

For a mere  $5 .00, kids can line up to get a picture with the Albino Burmese Python! After the show, kids can line up for another $5.00 to pet the baby alligators!

What’s The Catch To All of This Fun?! You have to give them a call and get them in touch with your local school. If they are in your area, the school will have to provide a theater, for the show to be held. That’s it! The show advertises the whole thing. You’ll get flyers home, reminding you of the showplace, and time. On the day of the show, Understanding Wildlife will even show up at the elementary school with a few animals, for a little preview!  So Fun!

All of this, again is free to the school, hosting the show. And, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts, by an amazing show in your area! That beats a flight down to Disney, and $80 admission! You can talk the principal into it with words like a good cause, educational experience, and FREE! So CALL NOW! See if they have any dates available. If you can’t get them in your school, find out if they are close by, and when. You’ll have a great time.

Mom’s Rating: GO! It’s so much fun! What an amazing show. It reminded me of shows in the big amusement parks. And, what a great cause.  Hurry, and figure out how to get them into your school. They are from OHIO, and will be heading back, soon!

Favorite Season to visit:
Now! Call!

Activities/Things To Do:
Enjoy the show
Photo Opportunities!
Shopping – Buy a Souvenir to help the foundation.

What To Pack:
$$We paid cash to get in, but I did notice a credit card machine at the souvenir stand. I’m sorry, I don’t remember one at the admission booth. If you go, will you find out, and then please contact me with the answer?

Go early! At least by 30 minutes! We arrived 15 minutes early, and sat in the balcony!
**Have the kids wear NEON colors. The host will see them better, and they may be chosen to go on stage! 🙂
The show travels from California To Maine – So, wherever you happen to reside, they’ll be there, at some point. Call them!

Kid’s Review: What did the kids think of the place?
Abi – #10 Awesome! (Partly because she got to see her BFFs! – We’re just not enough, anymore 🙂 The green parrot was funny! Especially when he called the host a dum! dum! So funny!
Michael – The snake was so cool. It was cold!
Ella – I liked the birdies!

Dad’s 2 Cents$$$. What’s All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
$5.00 Admission. Age 3 and under are FREE.
$5.00 for each picture opportunity.
Souvenirs are $8.00 for the least expensive. $15.00 was the average (for plush animals).

Our Experience:
About a week before the show, flyers started coming home, with the kids. They were colorful and had so many wonderful comments from people that had experienced the show. I’ve always loved animal shows, and this was a no brainer. It was 10 minutes away and for $5 each. We could work that into our entertainment budget!

When Michael came home with his monkey stories, we were all hooked. We loaded everyone up, and for once, we were early! Awesome! But, to our disappointment, the parking lot was completely full. Bummer! We would be delegated to the back. My daughter was devastated when she saw her friends up front! (Oops! Sorry! You’ll be fine! You can see them during breaks. Plus, we came here as a family. Remember?) Uh, Where was I?!

During Intermission, Michael was brave enough to pet the snake! I was so proud!( I don’t know how the Aaaw!  that’s so sweet, moments go from taking their first steps to petting a very cool snake, but it does.)

I don’t want to give away all of the funny demonstrations, and spoil the surprise for you. Call the # below, and schedule them at your elementary school! You can talk the principal into with words, like a good cause, educational experience, and FREE!

More Pictures For A Better Visual:
go to http://www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com/2012/02/understanding-wildlife-show-pictures-a-kid-friendly-thing-to-do/

Ta Da! Their Phone #:

Want to check out their Website?:
go to http://www.understandingwildlife.org/

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