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These glow in the dark balloons floating in the pool are from an inspired idea from Pinterest. Unfortunately, the link did not lead me to a site. But, this is one idea that wouldn’t leave my head. As soon as we settled in at Nana’s house, I headed out to the Dollar Tree for supplies. I happened to find plenty of glow sticks at the Dollar Tree, along with bags of latex balloons. This is the fun result

glow in the dark balloons in a swimming pool at night

Glow in the Dark Balloons for the Pool

  • You’ll need to activate your glow sticks – It takes a little while to achieve the full intensity of the glow. You may want to activate them about an hour before your party, or night-time fun!
  • Insert them into light-colored balloons
  • Blow the balloons up and tie them
  • Balloons Glowing In The Pool, A Great Idea
  • Toss them into the pool!
  • Turn all of the lights off and enjoy the glowing, floating balloons
  • Balloons Glowing In The Pool, A Great Idea
  • The kids even turned these balloons into fun floats!
  • Floating Balloons That Glow In The Pool!

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