A Haunted Hayride At Flamig Farm In Simsbury, Connecticut (review)

Spooks, Pumpkins, Cider, Costumes, & Candy, Candy, Candy!  Must be time for the Haunted Hayride, again.

At Flamig Farm, in West Simsbury, Connecticut, you can climb on board a kid friendly Haunted Hayride.

haunted hayride check in flamig farm

Take a seat on some comfy hay, and cozy in. You’ll take a 40-45 minute tractor ride through a haunted forest.  You and your kids will witness some characters like Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Goldilocks, Little Miss Muffet, and a Wicked Witch!  Some of the characters will even toss candy into the wagon, for the kids to collect.  You are sure to enjoy the fun atmosphere the hayride brings, and take in some beautiful, country scenery along the way.

Mom’s Review:
This is our third year to go on this kid-friendly hayride.  We always enjoy the atmosphere.  The woods are decorated with all sorts of spooky things.  Not, TOO spooky for the little ones.  We look forward to this once a year event.

We didn’t get any candy. A little trick we learned was to sit in the middle to back. Still, I felt bad when the kids got absolutely nothing and watched the other kids diving for candy. Hopefully, they will modify this for future rides.

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Favorite Season To Visit:
Autumn – Halloween Time!

Activities/Things To Do:

What To Pack:
Tissue if you have hay allergies!
Jackets – It gets a little chilly in the woods/Something with pockets for all of the candy.
Diaper bag -if needed-it’s a 40 minute ride.

This is an important TIP:  Sit in the middle to back.  We sat up front this time(closest to the tractor).  The kids didn’t get any candy.

Is There Anything That Made This Mom Nervous?:
Well, I always wonder how the littlest ones will react to the people in costumes.  The baby wasn’t too thrilled with the medieval character.  But, he was easily distracted by all of the other things to see on the ride.

Dad’s 2 Cents $$.  What’s All of  This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
$5.00 Per Person.  Under 2 – Free!!
Tip:Living Social Offered A Coupon This Year.  We got everyone on for a total of $10.  Great Deal!

7 Shingle Mill Rd.
West Simsbury, CT

Oct. 22,23,29&30 – 11:00-2:00

Kid’s Thoughts: A Review from the kids:
Ella’s Favorite Part: Rapunzel throwing candy from the castle.
Michael’s Favorite Part: The giant spider coming down from the trees!

Our Experience:
We headed off this morning anticipating the Haunted Hayride.  Everyone was really excited to see all of the old characters and collect candy.  We parked across the street from Flamig Farm, in the Haunted Hayride parking lot & quickly boarded a wagon.  We learned that the characters were new this year & everyone was excited to see their favorites. Once we were informed of all of the safety precautions, we ventured out into the woods.

We all noticed the spooky decorations waiting for the really scary nighttime hayride.  They’re not so spooky during the day, but I can imagine they take on an entirely new feel once the sunsets.  Everyone got a good laugh when they thought the huge wooden sign was about to fall on us.  There are a lot of kids in the woods helping to operate the pullies for all of the tricks and treats!

This year we sat closest to the tractor, and everyone was disappointed in the lack of candy, flying our way.  Luckily I had some old lollipops in the diaper bag, and they somehow dropped down in front of the kids.  Thank goodness for those!

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Visit The Farms Website:
Go To http://www.flamigfarm.com/zoo-rentals-a-rides/day-haunted-hayride.html

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