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I once rescued this ladder from a girlfriend’s trash. It has moved to four different houses with us and has been used as a beach towel dryer, and a magazine rack. Now, it’s a Rustic Christmas Welcome!

simple front porch Christmas decoration

  • I snagged some Muslim from my mom’s material room (my fabric store!)
  • Back home, I didn’t really do any measuring – no time for that. With the ladder right in front of me, I just eyed the width of the ladder and cut four pieces from the Muslim that would drape pretty evenly in the front and back
  • I trimmed them if they needed it
  • I got out my red paint and red glitter
  • I painted N…O…E…L on the four pieces of the Muslim and shook glitter over the wet paint.
  • Once the paint was dry, I  draped the four pieces over four ladder rungs
  • I put a wreath with a red bow at the very top with NOEL spelled out under it!
  • Living near the Windy City, my Muslim started to flip around, and mornings  I found NOL spelled out, or OEL…that’s when I hot glued red glass weights to the bottom of the material. It has spelled NOEL ever since
  • I added a light-up reindeer and some greenery in a pot near the sign to complete my Rustic Entrance
  • Just a little idea for a fun decoration – you know, in case you like to rescue ladders as I do

Rustic Front Porch Christmas Decorations

~ Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com


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