An Ornament Craft For Kids – Christmas Wish List

An Ornament Craft For Kids – Christmas Wish List

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This wooden spool became a cute wish list ornament on the tree with the addition of a few simple items!

A simple and sweet wish list ornament. Make one every year to remember the kid's wish lists! www.kidfriendlythingstodo.comHere’s what you’ll need for these ornaments:

  • wooden dowels
  • red paint and paint brush
  • computer paper and scissors
  • black Sharpie
  • warm glue gun and sticks
  • ribbon or yarn to hang the ornament from
  • rubberband

What a cute ornament for the Christmas tree! Simple, adorable, and a keepsake wish list! I love it!

  • I found the wooden dowels in a package of 4 at Michael’s Craft Store.
  • I painted the dowels red, and cut a sheet of computer paper into 4 long strips
  • This is the scariest step…I gave the kids a sharpie!
  • Then when their list was done, I glued the beginning of the list to the dowel with a hot glue gun
  • I wrapped the list tightly around the dowel, and secured it with a rubber band. I did this to train the paper to curve around the dowel
  • Then after a day or two, I took the rubber band off, and slipped a ribbon through the dowel to hang the lists on the tree!


Merry Christmas!

~ Melissa –

A cute Christmas Wish List keepsake ornament craft -

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