An Easy Butterfly Craft for Kids to Make Using Snack Bags

This is such an easy Butterfly Craft to make with the kids and preschool kids. Use items from around the house to make this spring and summer craft. Love that! Come on in and I’ll show you how to make this Easy Butterfly Craft for Kids to Make Using Snack Bags…

snack bag butterflies

This is such a simple craft to make. I love the variety of butterflies that you can make.

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Two Butterfly Snack Bag Crafts

The top butterfly has colorful pom poms and the bottom one was stuffed with shredded paper.

Display of a Butterfly Craft made from Snack Bags for Kids

I even stuffed a snack bag with fun, colorful confetti. Stuff the bags with anything colorful to make lots of fun butterflies with the kids! 

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Here’s What You’ll Need to Make This Snack Bag Butterfly Craft

Supplies for Butterfly Craft

  • clothespins
  • craft paint – nice spring or summer colors 
  • *you can buy colorful clothespins and eliminate the painting part altogether 
  • sponge brushes (if you are painting your clothespins)
  • snack bags 
  • stuffing for bags, such as shredded paper, pom-poms, and/or confetti
  • small google eyes
  • Pipe cleaner – any color will do – about 3 inches long
  • black fine tip marker 
  • glue 
  • suggested wax paper or other surface protection

Instructions for this Butterfly Craft 

Above is a Handy Video to help you on your way to making this Butterfly Craft

Painting a Clothespin

  • First off, if you are NOT using colored clothespins…you’ll want to prepare your clothespins by painting them with your choice of color, and setting them out to dry
Stuffing a snack bag for a butterfly craft

  • While the clothespin dries, add stuffing to your snack bags
  • You’ll only want to fill them halfway
Trimming the snack bag for the butterfly craft

  • Close the bag and trim off the excess above the seal
Pinching the snack bag for the butterfly craft

  • Pinch the middle of the bag
Placing clothespin in middle of snack bag for butterfly craft

  • Starting at the seal, open the clothespin, push your clothespin over the middle of the bag and close it
Decorating the snack bag to look like a butterfly

  • Bend your 3 inch piece of pipe cleaner into a V and insert it into the top of the clothespin
Make this easy butterfly craft with preschooler and kids with simple items from around the house. Perfect DIY butterfly craft for summer and spring -

  • Bend the pipe cleaner into antenna and add the google eyes. If necessary, use glue to secure the antenna and eyes. Use your sharpie to make a sweet little butterfly smile
Holding a cute butterfly craft made from a snack bag

That’s it! You are done, my friend! Don’t you love how easy and fun this is to make? Enjoy your adorable butterflies fluttering all around the house this spring. 

~Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do 


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