Over 35 Patriotic Themed Party Ideas, DIY Decorations, Crafts, Fun Foods and Recipes

How is it May 12th? How did that even happen? Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, End of the school year is upon us and Memorial Day will be smack in the middle of it all. Summer will be here before we know it and we’ll be celebrating America’s birthday. Speaking of which…Don’t you love patriotic holidays? I thought I’d better get on the ball and round up...
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An Abraham Lincoln – President’s Day Cupcake

Abraham Lincoln, President's Day Cupcake
Here’s an idea for President’s Day cupcakes! It’s a cartoon cupcake version of Honest Abe! (It also looks a little like Frankie from American Pickers!) Here’s the how to!: You’ll Need: Baked vanilla cupcakes – don’t put too much batter in these cupcake liners. You don’t want a muffin top, this time. Baked until tops are golden and firm Chocolate...
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A President’s Day Chocolate Pretzel – Abraham Lincoln – A Fun Food

Abe Lincoln Pretzel
It’s Abraham Lincoln on a pretzel! Abraham with an extra looooong beard! (We can always nickname him Amish Abe! ) I do love creating fun foods! But, I’m always cramming them in at the last second! Nothing like waiting until President’s Day weekend to think this one up! In my defense, Valentine’s Day is just before this one. So, that was taking up all of my thought...
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A President’s Day Craft Log Cabin With A Very Tall Abraham Lincoln – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

This is a fun way to celebrate President’s day. Keep these around all week to celebrate the leadership that has brought this country through so many trials, and into the Free country we are thankful for, today! Here is a log cabin craft made from a milk carton, graham crackers, and various pretzels. To complete the craft, add a very tall Abraham Lincoln (born in a one room cabin)...
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