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Easily, transform string cheese into Diploma Graduation Snacks. These little diplomas will be the hit of your graduation party spread. They are such a fun graduation treat and so simple to make. Add a touch of fun and whimsy to your graduation party with these String Cheese Diplomas. 

graduation diploma treats

String Cheese Diplomas – Graduation Party Idea

My kids have been snacking on these fun string cheese snack all week.

graduation snacks

It’s funny, the string cheese has been in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Until I transformed them into cute little diplomas they didn’t even acknowledge them.

graduation diploma treats

Dress up the cheese and suddenly they notice. 

string cheese diploma graduation snack

It just goes to show, make something fun to eat and they will eat it. 

string cheese diploma graduation snack

Here are my top picks for these fun Graduation Party Treats…

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Here’s what you’ll need for these String Cheese Diplomas…

  • White string cheese 
  • scissors
  • 3/8 inch satin ribbon cut into 12-inch long pieces
  • invisible tape

Instructions for making these Graduation Treats…

how to make string cheese diploma, a graduation party idea

  • Without going too close to the seal on the sides of the cheese…You’ll want to trim the sides of the string cheese wrappers
Graduation Party Idea

  • Leave the ends intact. You don’t want to ruin the seal around the cheese
how to make string cheese diploma, a graduation party idea

  • Then, flip the string cheese around to the side with advertisement and tape back the ends of the string cheese wrapper
how to make string cheese diploma, a graduation party idea

  • tie the satin ribbon around the string cheese and turn the bow around so it is on the top
  • That’s it. Store in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them
graduation party idea

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  1. Susan

    How did you make the morter board that the cheese stick is sitting on>? What are the dimensions for the entire morter board? What a great display idea for the cheese!

    1. Melissa

      It’s actually a sparkly graduation cap. I think I might have purchased it at Party City. I’ll look for a link to Amazon and if I find one, I’ll add it to the post.