A Review of Thimble Islands in CT

Can palm trees survive, and flourish in Connecticut?  At Thimble Islands they can.

This is a great family outing. Take a boat tour of beautiful, scenic islands in Stony Creek, Ct.  Kids can enjoy the boat ride, grab a bite to eat at the deli, hang out at the beach, and play on the playground.  All within walking distance.

thimble islands house

In Stony Creek, CT, there are actually rocky islands, dotted all over the coast, most visible from the shore, with amazing houses built onto them.  It’s like something out of a fictional novel. People actually own their own private island, and they are right here, in Connecticut!  Some are owned by famous personalities, most are handed down from generation to generation, quite a few islands are owned by one family.  They don’t even live or use most of these enormous island homes.  But, the housekeeper still changes the sheets every week.  Why?  It’s in the schedule!

tour of Thimble Islands

For your tour, you’ll hop on board, and get about a 45-minute tour of the islands.  You won’t walk onto any islands, just enjoy the scenery, gasp in awe of the money poured into these summer homes (palm trees are on several islands.  They dig them up every winter, and set them out every spring!), and hear some interesting stories behind the families on the islands.

When you are finished, Stony Creek has a nice little beach to enjoy the ocean with the kids. After a 45-minute boat ride,  they have earned it! There is also a nice park/playground area close by (within walking distance).  Restrooms (porta-pot) are located in the park.  If it’s food you’re looking for, a deli is right across from the dock, as well as an island store.

In the winter months, the tours switch their gears, and lean toward Seal Watching!  That might be fun to do!

Mom’s Rating:
We have been twice and enjoyed each time.  The Volsunga IV was a great, and informative tour.  We had a great experience.  I was worried about the length of the tour, but it was a relaxed atmosphere, and the time went fast.

The smaller boat was the tour we took this time.  This again was very informative and had interesting stories. The owner did seem to not be AS kid-friendly as the Volsunga IV.  As soon as the captain spotted kids sitting there, he asked if they were going to behave for the whole tour.  That’s never a good start. I’m sure there have been some kids that have tested him in the past.

Favorite Season To Visit:
Fall would be pretty, but tours close down in mid-October.  They do open up during December for Seal Watches.

Activities/Things To Do:
Boat tour
Swim – Beach
Eat-Local Deli
Sight See

What To Pack:
Bathing Suits for beach
Activities for kids on the boat-in case of boredom
Usual Kid Stuff

The coupon is available online for the Volsunga

Abi’s Rating ( An 8-year-old kid’s take on the place): a #7 for a pretty fun
Michael’s Favorite Part:

Dad’s 2 cents $$.  What’s All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Us?
Volsunga – Adults $10/Seniors-Students $9/Kids 5 and under $5
Sea Mist – Adults $10/Seniors-Students $9/Kids 5 and under $5

In Stony Creek, Ct off 56 in Branford
GPS users! – Login:  Indian Point Rd.  That should get you there.

Volsunga IV:11:00-3:00 hourly/ Check Fall hours on their website Go to:www.thimbleislands.com
Sea Mist: 10:15-4:15 hourly/Check Fall hours on their website Go to:www.thimbleislandcruise.com

More Pictures To Get A Better Visual!:

Go To http://www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com/2011/10/thimble-island-pictures/


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