Hilarious Skeleton Decorations For Your Yard on Halloween

Hilarious Skeleton Yard Displays for Halloween
These crack me up! Really…you could pose a skeleton into just about any normal daily event,or task, and it becomes spooky! Well…spooky with a side of hysterical! I love them! These are so much fun. I love Halloween. This one is from Better Homes & Gardens! I have a few from their magazine. Clever stuff! Also from Better Homes & Gardens   A skeleton that’s afraid of...
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Left Over Pot Roast Chili – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Oh wow! This is such great chili! I abandoned the way I’ve made chili for years, and converted to Sandra Lee’s Southwest beef, and black bean chili! I have only made a couple of teensy, weensy changes. Here’s the recipe: You’ll Need: 1 T olive oil 1 sweet onion – diced 1 t garlic powder 1 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes 1 14 oz. can of stewed tomatoes Left over pot...
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DIY Fall Porch Ideas – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Glorious Fall, Great ideas for beautiful fall porches!
Fall, glorious fall! I want all of the beautiful fall porches…all of them! Hmm…I wonder if I have 80 pumpkins in my budget this month?! I wish! Oh well…enjoy these beautifully decorated fall porches. Maybe you’ll get inspired to chop some corn out of your dad’s garden, like I did! 😉 I might be able to pull this one off! I’ll be off bargain hunting for some...
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Fried Dough Taco – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Fried Dough Tacos! Festival Food, Oh yum!
When I was a young girl, my parents – to make a little extra money – would drive around to festivals, selling Elephant Ears! I loved working in the Elephant Ear booth! The line was always a mile long, and we were bustling around making people happy, one Elephant Ear at a time! I think the Midwest might be the only place that refers to this fried dough as Elephant Ears. Last weekend...
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Olaf From Frozen Goes Trick or Treating – A Fun Craft & Pumpkin Display For The Porch – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Olaf from Frozen on Halloween! What an awesome way to decorate your porch for Halloween! The trick or treaters will go crazy!
I love it! I’ve been thinking of this idea for a month, but haven’t really had time to completely devote to it. Yesterday…I finally assembled the white painted pumpkins, and made Halloween Olaf! He looks so excited to go Trick or Treating! I took pictures of him like he was a model, then quickly broke him down so the neighbors didn’t think I was crazy! It’s only...
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