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“It’s Snow Secret…You’re A True Friend…Happy Valentine’s Day!” Cute! Right?! A cute pairing of Snow Caps and a Snowman Craft. Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for kids to make and give out.

snowman craft and Valentine's Gift Idea for kids

Snowman Craft and Valentine’s Gift Idea for kids

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You’ll Need:

  • A toilet paper tube painted white
  • Various colorful and small wooden beads –  I found a container of them at Wal-Mart – in the craft section
  • Various colorful buttons
  • Pom-poms for the earmuffs
  • Bendy strips/chenille strips for the earmuffs
  • Hot glue

Now, on to the Snowman:

  • Snowman Valentine Idea
  • I glued 2 buttons for the eyes, and then I added little wooden beads for the center of the eyes
  • Then I added a larger “Orange” bead for the nose, but “Frosty” the Snowman has a red nose – so that’s another great color! (If you’re doing multiples, and you run out of orange, I would just go with any color – I don’t think you can go wrong!)
  • Then, I added 4 small pink beads for the mouth and curved them upward to make them smile 🙂
  • Finally, I cut a 3 inch piece of the chenille strip and hot glued a red pom-pom on either side to make earmuffs
  • I glued the earmuffs on either side of the snowman
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  • That’s it!
  • Enjoy!

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  1. Carolyn

    So very simple for children to make. Love it.

    1. Melissa

      Thanks, Carolyn!