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A couple of weeks ago, with company coming over, and a messy house to clean, I knew that I would need to enlist the help of the kids. But, you know…I really did not want to start barking orders, and hearing complaints. That is just too exhausting. So, instead of getting right to work, I grabbed a pen, and paper! I wrote chores down on slips of paper – like:

  • I spy – Spy 10 objects in the living room that don’t belong – Grab them, and put them in the right place!
  • Make any bed so it looks like a magazine picture!
  • Pick up 20 items off of the bedroom floor
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Put your clothes away in drawers
  • And so on…
  • Chore Charades! A fun way to get the kids to clean a messy house!
  • I found a big bowl, folded my slips of paper, and tossed them into the bowl
  • I gathered the kids around, and explained that they were to unfold a paper, read the job, and run to do the fun job, and repeat over, and over until the bowl is empty!
  • Instead of acting out a character, they did a job
  • I had a slip of paper for myself too – Clean the kitchen! That kept me busy for the whole game, and  I was the last one to finish! It was indeed a fun way to clean with the kids!

~Melissa –

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