Elfing Someone Poem and Elf Picture

I made this up in the grocery store parking lot – just before we elffed our cousins!Use this poem to Elf someone tonight. Here’s a link to the description of Elfing Soemeone At Christmas!
Elfing Someone


Twas the Christmas season

& outside your house

Not a creature was stirring

Shhh, kids! Stay quiet as a mouse!

We’ve left you some goodies on your doorstep, tonight

Don’t cause a fuss or be all affright

It was just us, Santa’s helpers who paid you this visit

His elves heard you’ve been good, and that you deserve it

So, enjoy the blessing and spread the word

You’ve been Elfed, a tradition at Christmas. Haven’t you heard?

Hang your elf picture for display, so people will know

This house has been Elfed, and off they will go

Now, wasn’t it fun to get this small treat?

So fun, in fact, it deserves a repeat

Spread the cheer; make a goody bag or two bags yourself

Copy the poem and the picture of an elf

Then go pay a secret visit to friends

So they can continue this fun trend!

As, soon as you’ve made a quiet retreat,

Listen for the laughter, it’s so sweet!

Yell Ho, Ho, Ho!

& quickly go!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you,

Good tidings & blessings for the year, anew!


To make a copy of this poem, and elf, go to www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com



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