March Farm – Bethlehem CT Review

“Oh little town of Bethlehem… ” In this town so perfectly named for Christmas, is a little Kid Friendly farm that sells pre-cut Christmas trees. Drive out in the country to March Farm. March farm while it is transformed into a Winter Wonderland at Christmas is also a great place to take the kids in the fall – with Pick Your Own, Hayloft, Corn Maze, Hayrides and so much more! As you see the sign for March Farm on the store building, you’ll notice-across the street, a cozy farm house with a yard full of fanned out Christmas Trees. There is an immense Santa blow up, welcoming the kids to the yard. Walk over to the Christmas Tree yard, and your kids will immediately zone in on the Christmas Igloo made out of Hay, and Christmas Tree Branches. They can head on in to check it out and play for a while. There is plenty of room. Why let the kids have all the fun? Go in yourself! Surrounding the Christmas igloo are several large, festive blow ups. These will be a big hit. As you pick out your tree, your kids will probably run in and out of a dozen trees, darting here and there. Christmas music fills the yard to add to the festive atmosphere.

When you have picked out your tree, someone will load it onto your vehicle for you.  So, while your tree is fastened, head into the market for some free hot apple cider.  You can shop for a wreath, apple cider doughnuts, and apples from the farm.

After you’ve had your fill of cider, drive down the hill to the play scape. The kids will find a different pretend house there. Two, in fact. Play houses they dream about having in their back yard. They are sold at the farm, and two are in the play yard to explore. Besides play houses, there are bikes to take around the tricycle track, a play scape, and an extra large sand box to explore.

Head across the street to take a hike across the bridge, and into the orchards or say hi to three goats hanging around for Christmas!(Most animals are back at the barn for the winter)

If you plan your trip just right, you might just be there on the same day as the town festival. On festival days, Bethlehem has a town green complete with a large manger scene, and horse drawn hay rides. Usually the first weekend in December.  Check the link below for more details.

Mom’s Rating:
We loved the place. The kids had a blast playing, and playing. They didn’t want to leave. We usually head off into a field to cut our own tree. This was a new experience for us, but we might have found a new tradition. I don’t think we’ve ever gone looking for a tree without one melt down, until today. The fact that the town is named Bethlehem is a bonus. That’s a nice touch.
Fun activities to set a happy mood for all.
Great Picture moments
Free hot apple cider
Play scape
Staff and setting is absolutely right out of a Hallmark movie.
Someone ties the tree to your vehicle, free of charge. Another nice touch.

Favorite Season To Visit:
Christmas Season.
But, I will definitely visit in the Fall. I think this is a great find for fall farms.

Activities/Things to Do:
Christmas Tree shopping
Christmas Wreath shopping
Play scape
Animal section
Hiking trail
PYO – Pick Your Own in Fall!

What To Pack:
$$$credit cards are accepted
Camera/Video Camera

Kid’s Thoughts:
Abi’s quote(An eight year old’s take on the place):”Can we come back, tomorrow?”
Michael -” Awesome Play area! I want to come back in the fall for the corn maze and fun!”

Dad’s 2cents$$$.What’s All of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?
Trees that are unmarked are $35
Red tags and White with green are $40& $45
Check the link below to March Farm for Fall Festivities Pricing $$$

160 Munger Lane
Bethlehem, CT

Friday-Sunday 10-5 until Dec. 23rd. After that, the season is done until May.

Our Experience:
Boy, did I try hard to find a Christmas Tree Farm with Horse Drawn Wagons. I really wanted that picture perfect outing, with a big beautiful barn, and Santa.  Big order, right? I have high expectations, I know. But, after hours, and hours, and hours of research ,and phone calls, I finally settled on March Farms. I thought the kids would have a blast with the blow ups and the igloo. I pushed my view aside, and went to a kid friendly farm. And, I’m so glad I did. My four year old daughter wouldn’t stop hugging the giant snowman blow up.

We happened to be there on the day of the Bethlehem festival. We did not go, because we managed to spend an hour and 1/2 at the farm, and nap time was approaching. I will plan it better next year, so we can experience both! Plus, I’ll put a link to the festival at the bottom of this page so you can check it out.

More Pictures For A Better Visual:
go to

To Visit March Farm’s Web Site:
go to

Bethlehem, CT Christmas Festival:

Merry Christmas!:)



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