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I know.  Michaels Craft Store Events is probably “not” on your list of THINGS TO DO with KIDS.  It wasn’t on mine, either, until I actually thumbed through the booklet in the bottom of my shopping bag.  There were a lot of fun activities, I thought my kids would love.  The cost was so minimal (always a factor), and I don’t have to mess up my house.  It gets them out into a new environment, and they have an instructor, examples, and you right there to help.  It’s a win, win!

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At Michaels Craft Store, there is a crafting room for various events.  There are many adult events, like scrapbooking and jewelry making.  But, there are also several kid craft events available.  During the holidays the crafts are geared toward that specific season.  For example.  In the Fall, they have a Make a Crazy Pumpkin Event, A Decorate A Halloween T-Shirt Event, A Costume Parade-where kids can decorate a tote with colorful Duck Tape and get their faces painted.  During the Thanksgiving Season, kid’s can go to a Thankful Event, and make a Thankful Tree.  There are plenty of crafting opportunities for ages three and up.  Just go to the link below to check out the flyer, and see what excites you and your family.

Some of the times you will be required to purchase one of the craft supplies, but then Michaels will supply you with many extras for FREE.  Some of the events are actually Free, and Michaels will supply all of the materials needed.

Mom’s Rating:
The kids and I had a great experience.  The staff was very friendly, and our T-shirts came out close to the example, each one unique in it’s own way. Our specific craft incorporated their hand prints, and that is always special to me.  The atmosphere was very relaxed.  We will definitely look for more crafting opportunities, in the future.

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Favorite Season To Visit:
For us, it would be in the Fall and Winter.  It’s indoors, which helps get out of the chilly Autumn and Winter, New England Air. Plus, the holiday crafts appeal to us.

Activities/Things To Do:
Crafts, crafts, and more crafts

What To Pack:
$$$You may have to purchase on the element of the craft.
Perhaps a smock or an old t-shirt if it’s a painting craft.

The crafting events are typically a two-hour slot.  You can show up at any time within that time frame, and get started.  There is no strict regimen.  Just allow yourself enough time to get the craft completed.

Here’s a tip:  If you find something in the store to embellish your craft even more than the supplies provided, purchase that embellishment and bring it into the craft room.  You can get as creative as you want, (provided the instructor doesn’t mind)!

Is There Anything That Made This Mom Nervous?:
No.  The painting wasn’t anything I had to worry about.  I didn’t have to do the clean up this time!

Dad’s 2 Cents $$$.  What’s All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
Varies with the craft.
Our T-shirts were between $2.50 and $5.00.  Paint was supplied.
Tip:Print off a Michaels coupon at Mommy Saves Big to get 50% off one of your items.
Go To http://printable-coupons.blogspot.com/2008/02/michaels-coupons-arts-craft-store.html

Locations Vary.
Visit The Michaels Craft Store Website to find the one nearest you.
Go To http://www.michaels.com/

These also Vary.  Visit this Web Site to find the hours specific to your craft.
There is something for every night of the week, and on weekends!
Go To http://www.michaels.com/Store-Events/store-events,default,pg.html

Kid’s Thoughts:
Abi’s Rating (An 8 year old kid’s take on the place): #10 for Super Fun.
Ella’s favorite part was using her favorite color purple!
Michael’s favorite part was making the spooky spider, and wearing his creation!

Our Experience:
I found the October Events in the bottom of my Michaels bag.  They looked pretty interesting.  I’ve seen the craft room, and thought that it would be a fun birthday party, but that was it.  Intrigued, I looked through, and was happy to see a Make your own T-shirt event.  I usually buy the kids a Halloween shirt, and this would be a way to do that, and let them participate in the creation of one.

So, on the specified day we headed over to the craft store.  We needed to purchase our t-shirts, so I dropped in to check in with the instructor, and we headed over to the t-shirt aisle.  This was painful.  The kids wanted every color that they didn’t have in their size.  To me, not that hard of a decision, but to the kids it was a Major decision! It was tricky to get just the right color, and keep it in the Halloween spectrum, and their size!  Finally, I spotted some of the 3D fabric paint, in the same aisle!  Problem solved.  Even though Michaels flyer showed a black spider and web, we were going to buy spooky green, orange, and pink for our webs and spiders.  The paint was only a little over a dollar, and it added a whole new dynamic to their excitement.

We headed into the craft room, spread out our t-shirts, slid in the cardboard divider so the paint didn’t bleed through, and the magic began!  We had a fun time, and walked away with a great shirt with the kids hand prints made into a spider.

More Pictures To Get A Better Visual:
Go To http://www.kidfriendlythingstodo.com/2011/10/michaels-craft-store-events-pictures/

To Check Out What Events Are Coming Up At Michaels:
Go To http://www.michaels.com/Store-Events/store-events,default,pg.html

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