Monster Mini Golf In Connecticut – (Review)

It’s Halloween time in New England.  This is no doubt, the best area of the country to celebrate this ancient holiday.  New England is after all the birthplace of so many unexplained happenings!

Monster Mini Golf, Windsor Locks, CT, is indoor, glow in the dark, mini-golf course.  The theme is monsters, and many of them are animatronic. The course is accented by ghoulish paintings on the wall, all lit up with black lights.  The mini-golf course is, in addition to, a monster d.j., and an arcade section.

If you like to get into the spirit of things during this fun time of year, this might be the place for you.

monster mini golf

Mom’s Review:
Our kids love, love, love miniature golf.  We also love Halloween.  The glow in the dark just adds a new, fun dynamic.  Not to mention the great monsters everywhere!

The miniature golf course was more compact than I expected.  It is also all open, with no walls between the course, so you don’t really have the element of surprise around the corner.  The holes were divided by these eight-inch curbs on the floor.  You can see every hole as you start out on number one.  I guess that is, after all how mini-golf looks outside.  I just think it would be cool to have corridors for each hole, or at least some  haunted, rickety-looking picket fencing as a division.  Easy improvement for a dramatic effect.

Favorite Season To Visit:
Fall – Right around Halloween!
Winter-Easy Activity On A Cold Connecticut Night!

Activities/Things To Do:
Miniature Golf
Meetings, Birthdays -Event Rooms Are Available

What To Pack:
Usual Kid Stuff
$$$They do accept credit cards

It’s not too spooky for the little ones.  They do a good job of making the monsters, kid friendly.

Is There Anything That Made This Mom Nervous?
Small kids and monsters are not usually a good combination, but everyone was fine.  No meltdowns.

Dad’s 2 Cents $$.  What Is All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
Adults – $7.50
Kids – $6.50
Look on their website for specials and offers.

20 Main Street
Windsor Locks

Monday: Closed/Except Holidays
Tues.-Thurs. 2-9
Friday -2-10

Kid’s Thoughts: A Review From A Kid’s Perspective:
Abi’s Rating:(An 8-year-old kid’s take on the place): #8 For Pretty Cool

Our Experience:
I think I found this online during a winter break.  It was freezing outside, and we wanted a fun, yet warm place to take the kids.  I wanted something inexpensive, easy to get to, and exciting.  That’s a tall order, right?  Well, the website looked pretty awesome.  I was pretty excited.  I was picturing a huge building, black lights, long corridors, and some animatronics.  I always build things up in my mind.

When we got there, the building was in a plaza, so it is limited in size, and as I mentioned before, the course was too open, with no surprise elements.  The course is laid out like a maze, it just turns and doubles back, very straight and geometric.  Picture a giant square with eighteen holes of golf inside.

The black lights were still pretty cool, the staff was super nice, the d.j. had music going like the Monster Mash, and the monsters were a lot of fun.  The kids were just looking at the pictures and getting excited about going back.  I have to say, now that it is Halloween time again, I wouldn’t mind it to help us get even more into the spirit of things.  My husband says he is not going to go, but I bet he will.

More Pictures To Get A Better Visual:
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To View Monster Mini Golf’s Web Site In Windsor Locks:
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