Cream Cheese Olive Spread Dip | Kid Friendly Things To Do

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This Olive Dip Spread only requires 3 ingredients and a few minutes to prepare. Made with delicious green and Greek olives. It’s Perfect for a quick and easy holiday or game day party appetizer. Come on in and I’ll share this easy and yummy recipe for your party, today…

Easy Olive Dip Recipe


It’s funny how the easiest of foods always get the rave reviews.

Olive Dip with Green Olives

I took several dips to Thanksgiving dinner, and this was the one that I heard the most about.

Greek Olive Dip for bread

Why sweat it in the kitchen, when you can be a cook star within minutes. 

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Finally, here’s the easy recipe for this Olive Spread Dip…


Cream Cheese Olive Spread Dip | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Cream Cheese and Olive Spread Dip A delicious and easy to make Olive Spread Dip with cream cheese recipe, Green and Greek Olives. 

  • Author: Melissa


Greek olive dip recipe

8 oz. of whipped cream cheese

2 cups of your favorite Olives – drained and chopped

*I used 12 oz. of Green Jalapeno Stuffed Olives and 6 oz. of Kalamata Greek Olives which was a delicious combination

1 tsp. of garlic powder


In a large bowl, mix the cream cheese and garlic powder

Fold in the chopped olives

Cover and refrigerate until ready


Serve on bread or with crackers 


~Melissa – – A site providing kid friendly recipes, crafts, and game ideas for the whole family!

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