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Make this holiday season extra fun by making Rudolph Oreo Pops for the kids to enjoy. Chocolate covered Oreos are irresistible. It’s so easy to turn them into Christmas themed Rudolph Pops. Come on in and I’ll share how to make these easy Christmas treats…

Rudolph Oreo Pops

Rudolph Oreo Pops 

Rudolph Oreo Pops

I love creating fun treats with melting chocolate.

making rudolph oreo treats

Melting chocolate is easy to manipulate and create all kinds of fun decorations like the antlers shown above.

Christmas Oreo Pops

I chose to decorate these Oreo Cookies with only the antlers and the nose.  I left the back of the Oreo without chocolate too. If you want, you can dip the entire cookie into the melted chocolate. I was just having a lazy day and I didn’t want to overpower the cookie with all of that chocolate. I actually, kind of like the way the bottom half of the cookie shows.


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How Long Will Oreo Pops Last?

  • Store Oreo Pops in an airtight container at room temperature for up to two weeks.

Can you Store Chocolate Covered Oreos in the Freezer? 

  • If you need to store your chocolate covered Oreos in the freezer, place wax paper between cookies and store them in a zip tight freezer bag for up to one month 

Here’s how to Make Rudolph Oreo Pops…


Rudolph Oreo Pops | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Rudolph Oreo Pops are fun Chocolate Covered Oreo Treat for the holidays. 

  • Author: Melissa


  • brown melting chocolate (12 oz. bag) – Wilton is preferred
  • Double or Mega stuffed Oreos
  • Red M&Ms
  • Wax Paper
  • Paper Straws – Christmas Themed



  • Melt the chocolate melts in a glass microwave proof bowl
  • Refer to the package directions. I like to heat the chocolate for 1 minute, stir and then melt 30 more seconds.
  • Place wax paper on your work surface
  • Pour some melted chocolate into your squeeze tube
  • making Rudolph Oreo Pops
  • Squeeze out chocolate into antler shapes, like the image above
  • Let the chocolate dry 
  • Making Rudolph Oreo Pops
  • Squeeze the end of the straw until it is flattened
  • Dip it into the melted chocolate
  • Push the straw with chocolate on the end into the stuffing of the cookies 
  • Set them down and let the chocolate dry
  • Making Rudolph Oreo Pops
  • Dip the Oreo Cookies into the bowl of melted chocolate
  • *I just set the top of the cookie into the chocolate, covering the front of the Oreo
  • Turn the cookie so that the top is facing up and tap the straw on the edge of the bowl so the chocolate will release any air bubbles and turn smooth
  • Place the chocolate covered Oreo onto the wax paper
  • Making Rudolph Oreo Pops
  • Dip the end of an antler into the melted chocolate and then into the cookie where you want the antlers to go
  • Do this quickly, as the warmth from your fingers will start to melt the thin chocolate antler
  • Repeat for the second antler
  • Making Rudolph Oreo Pops
  • Add a red M&M in the center of the cookie
  • Repeat with the rest of the cookies
  • Let the chocolate dry
  • Store cookies for up to 2 weeks at room temperature in an airtight container – place wax paper between cookies


Making Rudolph Oreo Pops

Merry Christmas 

~ Melissa – Kid Friendly Things To Do 

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