A Basketball Cupcake Idea

basketball cupcakes

Easy to make basketball cupcakes


  • pre-baked cupcakes in cupcake wrappers – Use any flavor you like. I used a vanilla cake mix for my basketball treats
  • white vanilla icing or cream cheese frosting
  • orange food coloring
  • chocolate frosting
  • piping bag with a writing tip
  • suggested – toothpicks


  • Allow baked cupcakes to cool
  • Mix white frosting with orange food coloring until the color is a bright to dark orange coloring
  • Spread orange frosting on your cooled cupcakes

making a basketball cupcake

  • Place your chocolate (or black) icing in a piping bag with a writing tip
  • use a writing tip to make a cross pattern over the orange frosting

basketball cupcakes

  • Now, make 2 semi-circles on either side of the cross with the curved section pointing to the center of the cupcake



*use toothpicks to fix any mistakes you made with the frosting. Toothpicks are a great tool for scooping under icing or straightening the end