Bunny Butt Pancakes – An Easter Breakfast Idea for Kids | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Bunny Butt Pancakes – An Easter Breakfast Idea for Kids | Kid Friendly Things To Do

This Bunny Butt Pancake is a great way to start Easter morning with the kids off right. It’s an easy Easter Breakfast Idea for the kids that you can whip up in not time at all. Come on in and I’ll share how to put these Easter pancakes together…

Easter morning breakfast with kids

Easter Breakfast Idea for Kids

bunny butt pancakes

This bunny butt pancake is one of the cutest and easiest Easter breakfasts to put together. 

How to make Bunny Butt Pancakes

Here’s what you’ll need for these bunny butt pancakes…

  • You favorite pancake recipe – a mix will do 
  • Whipped topping
  • Fresh fruit like blueberries, banana, raspberries or blackberries


bunny but pancakes

Instructions for this Easter Breakfast Ideas

  • Make a round pancake for each kid
  • For each round pancake you’ll want 2 oval pancake shapes 

Setting up the Bunny Butt Pancakes

  • Assemble the pancakes with two oval pancakes tucked under a round pancake-like feet sticking out from under the round pancackes
  • Add 3 pieces of fruit to each bunny foot
  • Put whipped topping in the center of the round pancake 
  • Serve with syrup 

What are some other Easter Breakfast Ideas for the kids? 

  • Bunny Face Pancakes
  • Scrambled eggs in a bowl with bacon pieces for ears and string cheese whiskers. Add blueberry eyes 
  • Waffle bunny rabbits – Place one waffle on the plate, cut another waffle into oval shapes for ears and a little round nose. Add fruit for eyes and nose
  • An egg cooked over medium with bacon ears and blueberry eyes 


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