A Simple & Cute Gingerbread Boy Cupcake

Here’s another fun food for the Christmas and holiday celebrations.  Gingerbread boys and girls are always a big hit with the kids. This Gingerbread Boy Cupcake will be a kid’s favorite treat at Christmas.

gingerbread boy cupcake for Christmas

Gingerbread Boy Cupcake


  • Cupcakes baked and ready to go
  • Chocolate and Vanilla Frosting
  • Black Gel in a squeeze tube
  • Pink Gum Drops – I used DOTS
  • Small Round Red candy – or – red heart sprinkle (Wilton makes these, and distributes them – I’ve found them at Michael’s Craft Store and IParty) for the nose **I would have like to use the heart, myself – but, one of my little elves must have devoured them on an ice-cream sundae! Sorry, had to vent about that – where was I?
  • Pastry bag with a star tip


  • Gingerbread Boy Cupcake
  • Mix chocolate and vanilla frosting together to make a light brown – stop when you see it looking like a gingerbread color
  • Spread the Gingerbread/light brown frosting onto the cupcake – making it as smooth as possible
  • Gingerbread Boy Cupcake
  • Going down a little ways from the top of the gingerbread’s head, pipe white frosting through your star tip all the way across – **the tips will have a point sticking up for now – you can push those down a bit when the frosting drys, a little
  • Gingerbread Boy Cupcake
  • Add 2 shiny black eyes with your squeeze tube, and a smile
  • A Gingerbread Cupcake
  • Cut the tips off of 2 pink gum drops for cheeks – place those on either side of the smile
  • Add a little red nose from a sprinkle or candy
  • That’s it! Easy Peasy!

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com – A site providing lots and lots of kid friendly crafts, holiday ideas, fun foods, party ideas, recipes for all, and fun ideas for the whole family!

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