A Fruit Loop Friendship Bracelet – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

I love this idea of making a Fruit Loop friendship bracelet for the first day of pre-school, regular school, the last day of school, slumber parties, birthday parties, and as a Sunday School lesson on friendship! The Fruit Loops are large enough, that even teeny tiny hands can manage to help with this activity! Just bead the Fruit Loops through a piece of...
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First Day of School Jitter Glitter & Poem – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

What a great way to introduce yourself to your new students, and help them know you are excited to meet them!
A few years ago, we received a little surprise from our Kindergarten teacher. She mailed a poem, and a little bag of glitter a few weeks before school. The poem talked about the nervous feelings kids have the night before school, and the glitter was meant to help calm those fears. What a thoughtful thing to do! The idea is to let the kids know how exciting school is, and the friends that await...
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Paper Bag Backpack Craft – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Making a backpack out of a paper bag! This was a craft in a Sunday School lesson on sharing. I can see this used as a craft on recycling, holding writing prompts, nature, etc...!
This paper bag backpack is so much fun! I love it! This particular one was used as a follow up to a Sunday School lesson on sharing! The verse is Acts 2:45, and it’s about sharing personal belongings. I can see this as a follow up to so many lessons! – recycling, nature hikes, a place to store writing prompts, holding Valentines, etc…! Here’s the how to: Turn the bag so...
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A Simple Thanksgiving Craft and Place Card For Kids

Make a simple Canoe out of a Band-Aid, and add Q-tips for Oars! This makes a cute place card for a kid's Thanksgiving table!
This Thanksgiving craft is simple to do. Transform a Band-Aid into a Canoe! Use Q-tips for oars! That’s it! Put those on a folded piece of construction paper, or card stock for a simple place card. Here’s what I did to make this place card: You’ll Need: Brown Band-Aids – I used 1 & 3/4 x 4 inch Orange, and Green Sharpie, or other marker Rick-Rack Glue gun, and sticks...
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Pipe Cleaner Turkey For a Treat Holder and Thanksgiving Craft

Pipe Cleaner Turkey Treat Holder and Craft for Thanksgiving - KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com
This turkey is so super cute, and easy to do. My six year old had absolutely no problem doing one all by herself! I love that this turkey holds little bags of treats (popcorn, candy,  craft kit, etc…) in the middle. Wouldn’t that be adorable on a kid’s Thanksgiving table? You could even put a place card instead of treats in the middle of this turkey! Here’s how you can...
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A Dove Craft Using Child Hand Prints As Wings – Peace & Love

A Dove Craft With Child Hand Prints For Wings
This dove was such a wonderful craft for our Sunday School lesson, yesterday! Our story was about the two brothers, Esau and Jacob, that had a falling out. We used this craft to reinforce love and peace with each other. I think this would also be a wonderful Noah’s Ark craft! Or, just a craft to reinforce peace – something we’ve been discussing in our sibling rivalry family!...
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