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Leprechaun Ideas for St. Patrick's Day
Here are a few fun ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a leprechaun! So glittery, fun, and simple to do! Make little hats for this years party, parade, or St. Patrick’s Day fun! Here’s the link to this cute craft! Puffy Paint is such a fun idea! It’s my new favorite form of painting with the kids! Here’s a fun idea using puffy paint to make a little hand print...
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St. Patrick’s Day Fun With The Kids

As far as I know, we have absolutely no Irish lineage! And, aside from my mother making green mashed potatoes, my family really never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. A few years ago, a Kindergarten teacher explained to my oldest daughter that the leprechauns will come if you put a banana in your shoe on St. Patrick’s Day Eve. The leprechauns have been Rockin’ it out, ever since!...
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St. Patrick’s Day Garland – A Fun Craft!

Easy Shamrock St. Patrick's Day Garland that can be made from the Dollar Tree supplies - KidFriendlyThingsTodo.com
I love, love the creativity of teachers and teacher aids! So awesome! My daughter came home with this little number. And, I just had to share it with you! It’s a garland made out of Shamrock cut-outs, and Clubs in a deck of cards! Here’s what you will need to do to make this garland for your St. Patrick’s Day party!: You’ll Need: Roughly 5 ft. of rope or string –...
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A Rainbow Necklace Made Out Of Fruit Loops! – A Fun Craft For Kids!

A Rainbow Necklace Made From Fruit Loops
On the 100th day of school, my little Kindergarten girl came home with this fruit loops necklace! Each child had 100 fruit loops, and beaded a necklace with them! Great idea for the 100th day! But, because it’s a rainbow of colors, it’s also a wonderful idea for St. Patrick’s Day! Pair this with the leprechaun cup hat for a really cute costume! Or, if you are planning a St....
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Making A Pot Of Gold Cupcake For St. Patrick’s Day!

Pot Of Gold Cupcake For St. Patrick's Day
This is a super simple cupcake topper for St. Patrick’s Day. And, it’s Easy Peasy! Here are your step by step instructions!: You’ll Need: For each one A Marshmallow – I used a jumbo campfire marshmallow, but you can use a normal sized one Dark Chocolate Wilton Chocolate Melts – I did see black ones last time I was there. Wishing I had those for this pot-o-gold! Gold...
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Making A Leprechaun Hat For St. Patrick’s Day – A Fun Craft

Make A Leprechaun Hat Craft!
These are so darn cute! I can definitely see this as a great activity for the classroom on St. Patrick’s Day. Or, add these leprechaun hats to your St. Patrick’s Day dinner party! They’re simple to do. Here’s the step by step with pictures.: The NO GLUE NEEDED version is at the bottom of this post! You’ll Need:¬†you can find all of the items – minus the solo...
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