Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseballs {Fun Summer Party Treat} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

chocolate covered Oreo baseballs

Easy to make ahead of time, these Chocolate Covered Oreo Baseball treats are perfect for your summer party. 


  • 1 dozen Oreos – Mega Stuffed
  • White Chocolate Melts – Wilton preferred (these typically come in 8-12 oz. bags)
  • Red Chocolate Melts – Wilton preferred (these typically come in 8-12 oz. bags)
  • Candy Squeeze Bottle
  • Wax Paper


  • In a small-medium sized microwave safe glass bowl – Melt white chocolates 
  • *I typically pour the melts into the bowl and melt them for 1 minute – stir until smooth and microwave for 30 more seconds (if needed) 
  • One by one, place your cookies into the bowl flipping over to coat and pull them out with a fork, tapping any excess chocolate back into the bowl
  • Transfer the chocolate covered cookies onto your wax paper for chocolate to dry and set up
  • Melt the red melts (about half of the bag) the same way you did the white melts
  • Pour the melted red chocolate into your squeeze bottle
  • Decorate white Oreos with the red chocolate laces
  • Let sit out to dry 
  • If you want to turn these into pops, simple insert a Popsicle stick into the middle/icing portion of the Oreo Cookie


1 (8 oz.) bag of white chocolate melts should make 1 dozen chocolate covered mega stuffed Oreos 

Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks