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I’m bringing this cute Thanksgiving Craft out of the archives, this morning with some updated pictures, and content. This is a great classroom Thanksgiving craft, or a cute decoration for your Thanksgiving table!

cornucopia craft

Paper Plate Cornucopia Craft

paper plate cornucopia

I love simple, fun, yet adorable crafts. That combination is not that easy to find, but this one fits the bill. Grab yourself some brown paper plates  and a stapler = instant cornucopia. You’ve got to love those stress free crafting with the kids.

cornucopia Thanksgiving craft

What is a Cornucopia?

  • A cornucopia is a horn shaped basket filled with food and gifts

What is a cornucopia filled with?

  • Cornucopias are usually filled with pumpkins, gourds, flowers, leaves and fruits

Why is the Cornucopia a symbol for Thanksgiving?

  • It is a basket filled with a plentiful harvest

easy Thanksgiving craft for kids

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Here’s what you’ll need for this Thanksgiving craft for kids…

  • Brown paper plates
  • Stapler
  • Decorations and goodies to fill your cornucopia with like…stickers, candy, crayons and coloring sheets, shredded paper, etc…


The most simple of Thanksgiving crafts! Perfect for kids, and classroom parties. Also makes a great place setting! So pretty!

  • If you are out at Target looking for the same plates – here’s what they look like at first glance! The back is a nice plain brown. I also saw some gold plates in the Christmas section – much more reasonable. They came in a set of 90…good to know for classroom parties, and gold would be very pretty!
  • The most simple of Thanksgiving crafts! Perfect for kids, and classroom parties. Also makes a great place setting! So pretty!
  • Fold the plate so that is forms a funnel shape – leaving a large opening on one end and a narrow point at the other end
  • Staple right in the center of your fold
  • If you prefer, you can stuff the cornucopia with shredded paper as a filler

paper plate cornucopia craft

  • Bend the narrow end of the paper plate upward into a curved end

You can turn this fall craft into a fun place setting, and a Thanksgiving activity…

  • Give the kids fall stickers to decorate their cornucopia or give them coloring sheets of fall items to color, cut and place in their cornucopias
  • *Another idea is to place fall candy inside the cornucopia or small fruit
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

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~ Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com


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