This DIY ghost bowling game is so much fun for the kids! This is a great game for classroom parties. I have made a Halloween Carnival Classroom party with this as a fun station, and added a few more Halloween/Harvest Themed Carnival Games for a fun carnival party!  Give out a little novelty prize for each child to place in their goody bag. Time the stations, and let the kids keep playing at each station until the timer goes off, and they switch to their groups next station.

Ghost And Pumpkin Bowling Halloween Party Game -


I used:

  • Empty Plastic Water Bottles – around 6 (Coke and Pepsi make a great body form bottle)
  • White Paint & A Foam Brush – or – you could use spray paint
  • Google Eyes – All shapes and sizes
  • Black Puffy Paint – The kind in the squeeze bottle, that you can write with
  • Tacky Glue
  • An orange bouncy ball
  • Sand

Now, Here’s what you’ll need to do to make this fun game:

  • ghost bowling
  • Fill each bottle with a little bit of sand – only enough to give it weight to stand on it’s own. You don’t want to make it impossible to tip. Replace the caps. You may want to tape them, or glue them to secure, so sand doesn’t spill out
  • ghost bwling
  • Paint the bottles white and let dry
  • ghost bowling
  • Add google eyes, and use the puffy paint or a black sharpie to make ghostly mouths
  • ghost bowling
  • Now, for the ball, use black puffy paint to make a Jack – O – Lantern face – place the ball onto a cup or small bowl to dry
  • ghost bowling
  • When your ready, place the bottles in a V pattern, and roll the orange ball to tip them over! Have fun!

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com

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