Oreo Cookie Basketballs

basketball chocolate covered Oreo cookie treat

Basketball chocolate covered Oreo cookies


  • Orange Chocolate Melts – I found these at Michael’s Craft Store
  • Black Icing – I found this at Michael’s Craft Store
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Toothpicks
  • A flat surface with waxed paper


  • Melt your chocolate in a small microwave-proof glass bowl – according to the package directions
  • Drop a cookie in
  • Dip the cookie or turn them over to coat both sides
  • Pull the cookie out with a fork, tapping off the excess chocolate, and slide It onto the wax paper to dry
  • Repeat with the other cookies
  • After the chocolate dries you can start decorating them with the black icing
  • *If you intend on inserting toothpicks, then you can insert them now
  • While the cookie is still flat on the wax paper, make a Cross with the black decorating icing
  • Then add the semi-circle shapes to each side
  • Let dry
  • If you used toothpicks then you can stand the cookies up or leaven them flat on the platter


*The toothpicks are not necessary, but they do help in holding the cookies and are also a fun way to display them