WWE Birthday Cake Idea {No Fondant}

Pro Wrestling (WWE) Birthday party with DIY wrestling cake


  • Bake cake in 2 square 9-inch baking pans
  • Black frosting (You can make your own with chocolate frosting and black food coloring)
  • Silver or Black paper straws – I found mine at Target
  • Red Pull and Peel Licorice
  • White Frosting
  • #67 Wilton Leaf tip and piping bag


  • You’ll want to start out by baking two square cakes and stacking them on your serving platter – It’s up to you if you want to put frosting between each layer
  • If you can’t find black frosting, mix some chocolate frosting with black gel food coloring

making a wrestling cake

  • Use Pull and Peel Licorice to make a little (sideways) candy cane shape in the middle of the cake
  • Use a #67 Wilton Leaf Tip and a bag of white frosting to make 2 Ws in the middle of the cake. the leaf tip does all of the work – instant layers of W
  • *The bottom section of the larger W overlaps the licorice piece in the middle of the cake
  • *The smaller W goes inside of the larger W
  • Cut the straws so that they will be about 4 inches above the cake when inserted
  • Place silver paper straws into the 4 corners of the cake
  • Attach pieces of pull and peel licorice around the straws to look like rope
  • *I used 8 pieces and trimmed them to fit the length of my cake
  • Push the licorice ends around the straws until they stuck together in a nice tight loop


Store cake covered at room temperature for up to 1 day before your party